If we think of all the workers that make up the workforce of a company, we will rarely talk to any of them unless it is a very particular issue or that we join a bond of friendship. Communications are usually filtered through the secretaries. Taking into account that we live in a time of the constant exchange of messages, its function is vital for the optimal functioning of the business.

However, his work goes far beyond mere telephone attention. They are also in charge of preparing documents, organizing the office and managing various business matters. Without them, the daily work time would be prolonged, since they perform a broom job that sweeps all those activities for which we do not have the proper training and, above, they require their time to complete them correctly.


More business connectivity

This type of work has its price and its space. Due to this, SMEs or self-employed workers must share their tasks in the workplace. This generates an increase in workload, disconnection with the main activity, increase in work hours and bureaucratic frustration. Let’s not forget the telephone service on which the progress of the business depends. Due to the extension of tasks, calls are lost, or they are answered in a vague, tired or angry way because of the situation.


Does that mean that those who do not have the capital of a large company must take an administrative assistant training course?

It is true that in this type of business the workers become true SUVs. But that was before. Being able to do many things does not necessarily mean that they all do well. It should be noted in the work that is carried out as the main activity above all. Also, this is the one that contributes the most to the added value of the company or the one that generates the highest volume of business. Therefore, professionalism will be demonstrated in those aspects that define the priority occupation of the company.

Fortunately, this type of commercial initiatives now has the services of virtual secretaries to free them from secondary workloads. Because, for them, this is their main activity. That is, they are professionals of that medium. Although the character of his work is not linked to the function of the business, it is the heart that marks the rhythm of his heartbeat. In other words, those that allow the company to stay alive.


Better communication with your clients

Let us leave aside the issue of proper telephone service – crucial to always keep open the communication channel that allows the voice of the business to be heard by all ears – to focus on the added value it brings to the employer. The virtual secretaries are present in their office inside their computer center, the famous “cloud,” without occupying space and with the necessary material to perform their function. In this simple way, they carry out all the essential tasks of office work while providing a personal assistance service.

This consists of the dynamic development of the company’s agenda, maintaining order with the weekly commitments, prioritizing those activities that require immediate attention, modifying dates and times as best suits the workers while designing the most convenient work plan to achieve the expected results.


Ability to provide better business solutions and new client acquisition

His role in the company is defined as an aid, an important expert hand that is responsible for dealing with issues for which entrepreneurs are less used while developing a remarkable strategic role at the side of the boss. In military terms, we have an influential chief of command and a dedicated soldier in the same person.

But that’s not all for the difference between a virtual secretary and a physical one not only results in the lower price of the first or the requirement of having space in the office. The virtual secretaries perform their role as a personal assistant 24 hours a day, being available at any time of the day, whatever the conditions in which we find ourselves. This allows greater agility in the immediate response capacity that we need.


New technologies offer infinite possibilities to businesses with which to cope with the voracity of large companies. It is no longer necessary to cover this excess of work as was done before. You can have a personal assistant to make us a squire while providing the service that feeds the company while maintaining the perfect communication channel and professionally attended.