It may sound minuet, but take it from a company vigorously trained on how to take calls and messages – it’s a VERY important process for your receptionist to take detailed messages that WOW your staff. And here’s how:

Always Verify. This is probably the most important of all the tips! All it takes is one misplaced number in the telephone number and it’s nearly impossible for the recipient to follow up on the call. Always verify with the caller and repeat back names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses. You can never be too careful!

Spelling and Grammar. Try wow’ing your caller by guessing the spelling of their name instead of just asking. “Thank you, Mr. Payne. And is that P-A-Y-N-E?” It sounds simple, but people are always astounded that YOU spelled their name correctly for once. And if you get it wrong, they’ll still appreciate the verification. Also, try to be grammatically correct when typing or writing down messages. This is definitely the age of shorthand, but read back over your message to ensure you have everything spelled correctly and in complete sentences.

Include Notes. Sometimes the caller chooses not to leave a message. Let your recipient know this: “Jack did not wish to leave a message. He said he would call back later this afternoon.” These simple notes are a great way to make sure your staff member understands you tried your best to do your job, and keeps everyone informed!

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