Being afraid is not a negative thing. In fact, thanks to him, we anticipate a possible danger and avoid it. The projection of the future result that our mind makes in the present moment generates a state of anxiety that makes us retreat and refuse to carry out an activity. Because of danger, because of fear.

This is the reason why a sea infested with sharks or a poisonous spider generates more sensation of a danger than taking a picture or drinking champagne. And yet, last year saw more deaths from selfies than from sharks, while statistics say that a person is more likely to die from a champagne cork than from a spider bite.


Set practical goals

American society has traditionally been quite hostile to two things: changes and complaining. From the second, little by little, we are leaving – the new generations have not known dictatorial repression – but the second seems to be much more rooted. The reason is very simple: it is more comfortable not to take risks and receive the finished product and working than to invest time and effort in some uncertain outcome. It is true that this vision of life prevents failure. But it also deprives us of success. And this we do not take into account.


Set your mind to take the risk

The fear of starting a business arises shortly after proposing the idea. The beauty of ideas is that they are perfect until we try to turn them into reality. Because it requires work, effort, organization, and assumption of risks. The part of the job is hard but feasible. The risks generate a ghost that frightens us with the consequences of daring to cross that door. And then we doubt.

What are the risk factors that we run? Main and mostly, economic. Setting up a business requires a strong investment with little profit margin during the first year until you get market stability that allows you to take advantage of our project. The risk of getting into debt, being denounced for defaults and other legal-banking terrors of the business world cause insecurity when embarking on a project. That’s right.

But, in the immortal words of Virgil, fortune favors the bold. This does not mean that you have to go crazy, but that, just as there are risks, there are also triumphs. So, without losing sight of the risks involved in starting a business, we must keep in mind the favorable results we are going to obtain. A positive mindset is the first step to success. A negative mentality only brings misfortune.


Forget the idea that there’s a perfect work-life balance

We already have the right idea and motivation. It does not hurt to see a promising future that allows us to outline the way forward in the project. Take the time it takes. Success is like the guests at a party: most arrive late and rarely show up before the hour. But the party ends up happening.

However, not everything is to have good wishes and the right motivation but knowing where you want to go is important. We must study the market in depth to locate the desired target audience and have the necessary tools to carry out our work. And it is this last category that goes into the personnel factor: what people do we need to carry out our project?


Focus on your passionate community

On the one hand, we must have the professionals of our service of course. But the company itself demands its own staff to keep it alive. The efforts, the attention to the client and the organization of the work will slowly engulf the time established for the own work of the business. The usual thing, in the case of being an SME or self-employed, is to share those tasks among the employees and hire an agency that handles the legal aspects. However, new technologies have made available to all a series of affordable virtual services for this type of companies and entrepreneurs whose implementation will strengthen the business while offering a quality service in a field in which we have less or no experience. For example, the services of virtual secretaries, who are in charge of the company’s switchboard with professionalism?


The most interesting of all is that, until the business starts, we do not finish discovering certain details necessary for the proper functioning of a company — something like when you go on vacation to a foreign place, and you discover the differences with your own country. It is good to consult with someone who has already been there to know what types of plugs are used and what their current is. But, in case of not knowing anyone who advises or advises us, the pace of the business will be done little by little. In both cases, we will gain experience. And the experience is the best scarecrow of birds of ill omen that brings fear.