The departmental division defines, in the last measure, the size of the companies. The more specialized areas we have, the greater depth image we will give. When we visit the building of a large company, we will see that the different departments need a zonal map to locate them. Depending on the size of the company, these will be in different rooms, floors or geographical areas.


Task diversity

SMEs and self-employed workers, on the other hand, do not have so much space and budget to diversify the tasks of their employees. As a general rule, the accomplishment of specific tasks is distributed in an equitable way, or it ends up delegating its work in an external company, as it can be the case of the agency for legal matters.

Apparently, the greater the number of tasks to be carried out per day, the lower the total effect will be. This fact forces SMEs and self-employed workers to have to work many more hours than their counterparts in large companies and can not cover more important projects and therefore limit their future expansion.


Technological emergence

At least, this was the way until our era because the emergence of new technologies in the business world has meant a revolution in the way of working old. Thanks to computers, smartphones, and the Internet, companies use the same tools and means, homogenizing the means and possibilities more and more.

However, although these means have increased the definite possibilities of workers, the number factor remains key when undertaking certain specialized tasks. It is possible that so many people are no longer needed to perform a specific function, but that human diversity is required when dealing with various issues inherent to the internal workings of the company. Many SMEs and self-employed workers can not afford the services of a secretary, a customer service center or a lawyer for the simple reason that their services far exceed their limited budgets. That without forgetting that its implementation within the company requires either an extension or a reform, with its subsequent economic expense.

Now, all that is history thanks to the virtual services that can be found in the cloud.


The popularity of virtual services

SMEs and self-employed workers have at their disposal a wide range of virtual services with which to make your business more competitive without compromising your budget or profit. Access to them does not require more than an Internet connection to integrate them within the template, without increasing or reducing the space.

One of the most requested services is the virtual secretary, which is responsible for responding and serving customers with professionalism in addition to organizing the agenda and other typical efforts of the physical secretaries. Their hiring frees those tasks from employees, allowing them to concentrate on their work without external distractions, which improves their efficiency and performance greatly.

But we can also hire a lawyer for all those legal documents that we need to write or consult. Or an accountant, who is responsible for properly annotate the entire financial movement without having to spend hours squares numbers in front of the computer. Or perhaps a customer service, which allows us to address the doubts or problems of customers. Or graphics and web design services to improve our corporate image. If we need to travel with a certain frequency, there are virtual travel agency services. We can even have a human resources department in case things go well for us and we can expand.


In this way, SMEs and self-employed workers can have a working structure at their disposal unthinkable a few years ago due to its complexity and cost. A simple computer allows us to integrate these “departments” within our business with simplicity and efficiency. That is, it facilitates a capacity for improvement with agility. The cost of its use is much more accessible than if we did it through individuals, regardless of the service we choose. But the results that your employment brings us more than compensate for this initial expense while facilitating the expansion of the business. Being integrated into the network, the location of the new business will have the same service thanks to the Internet, without the need to hire other people, in case of doing so with a physical template.