Do you know what the freelancers, the liberal professionals and the owners of a business have in common? That they own their time. And this is great! But there is a drawback …

Many times they feel overwhelmed because they do not have enough time to take care of the administrative tasks they have to do during the day so they can devote time to what is really important. This lack of time can cause work stress, so it is important to remedy this situation as soon as possible. A possible solution is to delegate tasks. However, hiring a full-time secretary to lend a hand can be expensive, especially if they are in their infancy.

Is this your case? If you feel overwhelmed and you can not afford to pay a conventional secretary, here we present 5 reasons why a service of virtual secretary is the best choice for your business:



When you hire a conventional secretary, you have to pay a salary that can well amount to more than 1,500 euros per month. A virtual secretary works only when you receive calls from your clients and does not need to be present 8 hours a day in your office. In any case, you may only need someone to take care of specific tasks, so it does not make sense to pay full time.



A virtual secretary can attend all the calls you receive or those you choose with a personalized message for your clients. In addition, you can arrange appointments or send documents. With all that time you save you can dedicate yourself to what really matters in your business and what only you can do because it requires your knowledge as an expert.



A virtual secretary receives training of attention to the customer to assist you in the best way and with empathy. If a customer calls your business and is received by a professional and friendly voice, it sure makes a good impression. And if the person on the other side of the phone also kindly informs you of your availability and listens carefully to your questions or comments, you will want to call again on another occasion.



An unanswered call is a lost customer. With a virtual secretary service, you ensure that all your regular customers and potential customers can contact you or be informed of when you will be available. This way, they will surely wait for you to get in touch with them once you are available and the odds that call your competition if there is no one to answer the phone will decrease.



How many times have you wanted to turn off the phone during your free time, but you have not done it for fear of losing customers? With an online secretary, you can rest easy and enjoy your moments of rest and family again.

From what you see, hiring a virtual secretary does not have to be expensive and has many advantages. From  OmniCall we can help you get one! She will take care of simple tasks such as answering your calls, making appointments or sending documents to your clients. So you can focus on what you consider most important: your business, your customers, your family or your free time. You only need 10 minutes to configure our virtual secretary service. It’s easy, fast and economical. Try it free and without obligation today!