In recent times, DIY has become fashionable (Do It Yourself). From mounting the Ikea furniture to the DIY programs that fill the television grill. It is no longer necessary to have programming or design knowledge to make a personal web page or blog. 3D printers announce those entire buildings can be printed shortly. And even cooking has become a simple activity for those who were driven by cans and microwaves.

This tendency to individualism is reflected in work. It is increasingly rare to find teams that perform differentiated tasks. Employees have greater autonomy and responsibility, each one being able to do the work of another. This means lower spending on hiring and an increase in the workload of employees. In addition, the less they have to depend on other people to complete their task, the more comfortable they feel.


Eliminate additional employment overhead

The problem that this involves is that the personal conscience is created that “if I do it, I finish earlier.” This type of thinking is quite common in companies in which, because of someone else’s mistake, they have been forced to search and review for hours the cause of the problem. The time it takes to locate it is usually long, and then you have to repair it and cross your fingers to avoid a new fault, or the process will start from scratch again. To prevent these slowdowns of the result, the greater number of links in the chain is eliminated to have a more concrete and peripheral vision of the work to be done.

This distrust means that we have the security of Saint Thomas: I have to see it and touch it to believe it. For that reason, we look as lavish spending the hiring of people who can do a job that, a priori, does not pose any difficulty. In addition, in the case of SMEs and self-employed workers, it is normal to specialize in a thousand different tasks due to lack of personnel.


No office space required

But … do you save money? If we speak of mechanical work, the answer can not be more than affirmative. We will take more time than with the help of another person, but we will be able to advance in our work. However, when trying to cover other types of activities not directly related to our work, there is the curious effect of walking in circles instead of in a straight line.

Let’s see an example related to SMEs and self-employed: perform the typical tasks of a secretary. How much time do they spend per day answering telephone calls? We could say, without fear of exaggeration, that half of it. And doing office management? And ordering the agenda? All these tasks are transformed into distractions, into thieves of time that end up slowing the development of work. And, even worse, they lose the thread of planning. Meetings are forgotten, important calls to make or return, the date to deliver projects or make state payments …


Maintained productivity

The fact is that, if we look at the rest of the market, we will observe that this problem is common among small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, so it is less important than observing the competitive advantage that this situation offers: reduce time.

Currently, there is a service of virtual secretaries for SMEs and freelancers that free workers from these tasks, allowing them to concentrate on their main function and speed up its progress. That time wasted in other types of activities can be used without interruption and achieve the necessary consistency that leads to virtue. By shortening the work deadlines, we can cover more clients instead of management, reporting in this way more benefits to the business. That is to say, when delegating external functions, we obtain a powerful competitive advantage against the competition. People want a job well done and as soon as possible. Unless the wine is produced, aging the product is not profitable.

The virtual secretaries, in addition, do not suppose an unaffordable expense for the pockets of these professionals. By not requiring investment in products or space in the office – neither works nor reforms – this service is available immediately for a low price.


Focused client service

But do not think that is your only advantage. Unlike; They generate another type of incalculable values for the business. First of all, a professional and educated attention to the clients. Nobody likes to wait for an answer, to listen to telephones communicating or to be attended with haste. This has repercussions on a serious and competent image of our work activity. On the other hand, we will stop having an agenda full of notes and post-it to have a clean, neat, weekly, monthly or annual work plan.

The virtual secretary service organizes our agenda and serves our clients while we work with clarity and tranquility. Our business will be recognized as effective and will raise us above the competition thanks to a balanced and competent organizational strategy. They will value what we do and not everything we can do. After all, we do not do this kind of thing to impress, but to satisfy the needs of our clients.