Are you a small business owner looking to add a more professional face to your company?

One of the best ways to add more professional touch to your business is to use virtual phone service.

But what about the cost?

Are these virtual phone services and systems viable solution for small business?

Yes, they are.

The low-cost cloud-based virtual phone service that replaced the server based physical phone system certainly made it possible to use this service without investing a lot of money. This is why there are thousands of small businesses that are using Virtual Phone Services to expand and grow.

Virtual Phone Service is Affordable for Small Businesses

A few years ago, the cost of a virtual phone service was a major obstacle for small businesses but not anymore. In last few years with the advancement of technology and growing competition, the price of using the virtual phone service has become very much affordable even if you are running a very small business.

When a virtual phone service is as equally important for small businesses as it is for large enterprises, the cost of using the wrong service is also higher.

Small businesses usually have a small client base but more room to expand. This means when a good virtual phone service can help you grow rapidly, the poor ones can cause irreversible damage.

This is why it is extremely important to find the best possible virtual phone service. The phone service is now an integral part of the basic infrastructure of any business, small or large.

Just like a website, a professional phone service also acts as a face to your business. And with every other business using these services, a call picked up on a personal phone can leave a negative effect on your prospects.

If you are looking for a virtual phone system, you must look for following features to make sure you are paying for the best out there.

  • Affordability: For a small business, cost and viability are the priorities when moving forward. Make sure you are looking for something that offers great value for a low price.
  • Call Management: Look for the system that offers excellent call management for seamless customer service.
  • Mobility: For small businesses, this is really convenient. With few employees, the ability to pick calls on the go can make a huge difference. With these systems, you can easily route your calls to your smartphones.
  • Scalability. For every small business, the goal is to turn into a medium and then a large one. Make sure the service you are using is scalable and can accommodate more users and incoming calls as you grow.
  • Features: Last but not the least – make sure all the features offered with the service are tailored exactly to your needs.

How Live Virtual Phone Service Helps Grow Your Business?

Virtual Phone Service for Business growth

There is a lot virtual phone service can do for your business. It adds a professional face to your business and allows you to introduce business to the caller through recorded voice messages and transfers their calls to relevant departments seamlessly. Simply put, it makes your business look BIG.

This not only saves time for both the client and the business, it’s also convenient for your callers as they don’t have to call multiple times to reach the right person.

Virtual phone services with the ability to forward calls to your smartphones and keeping the record of all incoming calls ensure that you no longer miss an incoming call for any prospect or client. The ability to answer 100% of your business calls is critical for your business growth.

On top of that, virtual phone services save a lot of money as you don’t have to hire a full-time receptionist.

How Does My Business Decide when I Need a Live Receptionist?

The next important question – is a virtual phone service enough for a growing business? Probably No! When your business is growing, you are expected to receive more calls, more inquiries, more clients to answer. This is where you may want to add a live receptionist to the mix.

Again, a very cost effective service if compared to an in-house receptionist that can make things easier for you to run an expanding business. Virtual phone services forward you every call but a live receptionist can screen and forward only the relevant ones.

Simply put, when your business is expanding – at one point – you can’t answer all incoming calls and neither your staff. You need someone to greet all incoming calls with professionalism, screen them, and direct callers to the relevant person. This is where service like the “Live Receptionists” from OmniCall can make a huge difference for your business.

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