Selling a home to someone in person is filled with challenges. Now add the extra pressure of having to talk with them on the phone. For many real estate professionals, it’s difficult to keep up with all the incoming calls from potential new customers. How do you handle these clients on the phone without driving yourself to the brink of insanity? Luckily, we have some tips for you here at OmniCall Receptionists. With us, you can take advantage of all the potential real estate client phone leads.

Stay Calm on the Phone

Don’t let your stress affect the way you take phone calls from clients. Even when you’ve had a bad day or are dealing with a difficult real estate prospect, losing your temper will get you nowhere and will result in lost commissions and time. You also need to stay completely calm to maintain your real estate firm’s professional image. Treat the callers as you’d like to be treated and you’ll close the sale no problem!

Balance Incoming Calls with Live Appointments

There are times where you’re going to have a flood of people calling in, and you need to make as many people happy as you can. Here’s the most effective way you can do this.

You should set up a hotline number to use for your marketing of your real estate business and not use your personal number for these lead calls. This way, you’ll know for sure whether you’ve got a potential real estate lead on your hands. When you do receive these calls, respond to the caller as promptly as you can within a 5-minute window. We prefer that you respond as soon as you receive a call to reduce the chance of losing your new lead.

Let your potential lead know about the 5-minute window you’ve established for a response if you have other callers on the line and politely say something like this:

“I’d love to continue to help you, but I have another call on the line I need to take for about 5 minutes, and I’ll be right back to continue our conversation. Is this okay with you?”

Take the other call if the caller says they’re okay with the situation. Otherwise, it’s a time where you’d need to forward the call to a virtual receptionist who can help them further.

Always Pre-Qualify Your Callers

We can’t forget the most important part about handling real estate clients over the phone: finding the most motivated home buyers and qualifying them.

We recommend you ditch the sales questions and try a different approach to figure out how motivated your potential leads are to buy a new home. You’ll be tapping into your caller’s mind with questions such as these:

“Have you gotten your home listed with another agent recently?”

“It seems like you’ve been looking for a home for a while, is that right?”

“You told me you’ve been pre-approved, and I was curious as to what you meant.”

If you phrase your questions this way, you’ll have a much easier time getting leads over the phone.

Get to Know OmniCall Receptionists

We hope you’ve learned a lot about speaking with your real estate clients over the phone. We highly recommend learning about our virtual receptionist services for real estate professionals. OmniCall Receptionists has been helping dozens of people stop missing incoming calls, and we can do the same for you.