Capturing customers is the key to a business flourishing and growing. Without someone to buy the products or hire certain services, the future of a company would be very compromised. It is for this reason that companies have among their ranks commercials, salespeople, marketing and advertising experts with which to attract the largest possible number of buyers and users. However, this implies the hiring of specific personnel to perform this role, with the subsequent increase in staff and expenses, a more than obvious problem for small and medium enterprises and a cost practically impossible for self-employed workers to face.

Does it mean that they are condemned to depend on luck to survive in the competitive market? Absolutely, commercial power is not a matter of numbers alone. Currently, there are other methods with which to achieve a good impact among potential consumers without having to have specific departments for that work. Of course, they require a slight effort to make the fruit and prosper correctly. Among all of them, we have selected those whose usefulness and effectiveness we consider best. Without further ado, let’s get to know a series of tips to attract customers.


Know The Type of Customers You Want TO Attract

Despite the competition, the market is large enough so that everyone has an excellent opportunity to do business. Some experts compare it with fishing in the ocean, but the vastness of its waters can lead to deception. The fish move through certain areas with a constant periodicity. Given the great variety of these aquatic vertebrates, knowing the behavior of the banks will allow us to locate ourselves in the right area to find the fishing we want to obtain instead of casting the nets with hope and chance as the only ally.

Therefore, before trying to attract customers, we must determine what kind of customers we want for the company and know their habits, customs and needs to adapt to them and be chosen instead of others who have not taken them into account and impose their own. In this way, customers will identify with the company. Those that maintain a policy of “for the whole world,” are faced with the reality that the fish prefer a certain type of water to feed and travel, being stranded with their boat in a sea of ​​the Sargasso.


Listen To The Customers

Technology has become the best partner for companies with limited means when it comes to attracting customers. The depth of impact is high and its cost low, so the presence of the company in the market is guaranteed with a minimum investment. The name has to be visible to the clients. However, the banners are nothing more than references. The public has to talk about the business.

Also, this fact was already known in the seventeenth century: “That seems, Sancho, “said Don Quixote,” to what happened to a famous poet of these times, who, having made a malicious satire against all the courtly ladies, did not appoint or name a lady who could be doubted if it was or not; which, seeing that it was not on the list of others, complained to the poet telling him what he had seen in it not to put it in the number of the others, and to lengthen the satire and put it in the widening: if not, to look for what was born. The poet did so, and he did not say that they were mistresses, and she was satisfied, because she saw herself with fame, although infamous.”

Thanks to social networks, we can listen to the client, his complaints or praises and maintain a line of communication with the outside world that allows us to correct mistakes, find new lines of service and inform our community about our news instead of the general public. In this way, we will bring the traditional word of mouth to the 21st century and increase the options to expand the business in a more human and personal style.


Serve The Customers In Professional Manner

Once the general communication channel is established, we must build a system that allows having an open line for individuals, which helps from the transmission of information to the contact with an employee, through the organization of meetings. The most suitable person for this activity is a secretary.

But as the objective is to improve the recruitment of customers without increasing the workforce, we can hire the virtual services of the secretaries that, apart from maintaining the professionalism of the physics, are cheaper for the company. Thanks to them, the internal organization will improve while freeing employees from the constant interruptions that the phone causes in their work.