Extend the arms parallel to your body and measure the distance between the elbow and where the fingers are born. Use the same measurement to measure the length now. Now you can visualize the space that will occupy the extension of your office … on your desk. Cost of work: zero.

Now think about the changes you should make in the office if you want to hire one (or more) physical secretaries. Even if you have free space that does not force you to turn the whole office upside down, it is necessary to make reform and move things to another place so that the appropriate furniture fits into that position. That is, noise, noise and a swarm of workers while the workers try to concentrate on their function. And, if you are self-employed, you will have to dedicate time to be aware of contingencies and resolve doubts, slowing down or postponing other types of more important activities.


You get a corporate identity

If you are a large company, size is what matters. The company extends in the markets and on the ground to symbolize with the enlargements the increase of conquests. After all, the image sells. If a client visits these types of companies, he will not want to see workers crammed into unhealthy rooms, but rather ample space to show that there is room for more projects to enter.

Small businesses and freelancers can not compete in any way against these large constructions. Their weapons are better quality and warmth in the deal, more adaptation to the needs of their customers and show their work and not their facilities to win the contract. Therefore, their web page allows them to show their experience and results through a medium that expands around the world that puts them at the same level as large companies.

Because that is the magic of the “cloud.” It is so large that it does not require enlargements or works to grow. This allows all kinds of information to be accommodated. Until now someone saw the opportunities of so much space available that, those who the earthly thing cost them a lot of money, could access a series of services in the virtual area.


You cut down on operational costs

The sales chains discovered that it was not necessary to have physical stores to reach any place in the world. With a warehouse where to store the goods and proper use of logistics – benefiting from saving construction costs – they could increase sales thanks to the online purchase. Travel companies dispensed with their branches to increase billing. No ticket issuing or urban leasing costs, companies that offered cheap flights to save on this type of expenses. Recently, even banks offer more and more virtual services that save commuting and queues in their offices. The cost of this investment was minimal, compared to the expenses that would have been incurred for a store, office or branch within each home and the results, maximum.

However, all these services are based on the filling of certain forms. The most important thing was missing: how to take the human factor to the “cloud” without losing its humanity.


You get to test the waters

There was no need to think much. When we make a phone call, we talk to a physical person who is not in front of us. Until the appearance of mobile phones, that person had to find himself in a certain position, either at work or at home. The irruption of the new telephone generation allowed that location and displacement to be separated. This permitted greater availability in business, which streamlined market movements. Until the last revolution that would change the world, we lived in: Internet. It was logical to think that sooner or later telephony and the virtual world would join.


Increased Productivity

As a result of this happy encounter, the concept of work changed. The virtual office was born, a hybrid between the classical and the contemporary world. From a fixed location – necessary for legal matters – the tables of the virtual office were extended in the form of a cloud through the sky. Before, high funding was necessary to increase both staff and space. Now, with a minimum investment, maximum results are obtained. You can have a service of virtual secretaries to help us with the daily management of the business, to organize and be responsible for our agenda is updated continuously and serve customers with education and professionalism from a distance. In other words, just like they did before. Only, now, from our own virtual office.