First impressions can make or break your company. That first interaction your customer experiences determines whether or not they feel as though they can establish a long lasting relationship; Is there room for improvement on your end? Here are some ways to ensure your clients are pleasantly surprised when they call your business.


Answer the Call

Duh, right? But let’s think about this further. This means, don’t let your caller hit voicemail, during business hours OR after-hours. This is incredibly frustrating for customers. Did you know 67% of callers have actually hung up the phone after reaching an automated system? Where do they go? Straight to your competitors.


Watch Your Language

The words your choose while speaking with your customers can greatly impact their first impression of your company. Just simply replacing negative phrases such as “I don’t do that” or “I don’t know” with something a little more reassuring such as “I would be happy to find out for you!” can dramatically affect the way they view your helpfulness.

First Impressions

Don’t Be a Robot!

Human interaction is so rare these days, it’s almost a relief when callers reach a live person. Don’t cut corners where it matters most; keep your customer service alive by getting rid of the phone trees and automated answers. Don’t have the man-power to answer every single call? No problem! That’s the beauty of a 24/7 Virtual Receptionist Service such as OmniCall.


Mastering these simple interactions are sure to gain long-term customers and stellar first impressions. Remember – The first impression is the ONLY impression.


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