Legend has it that Conrad Hilton, the founder of the famous Hilton hotel chain, pronounced the following sentence before he died: “Please put the shower curtain inside.” While it is true that this sentence can be attributed to the successful businessman, the truth is that he pronounced it long before he passed away. But it does not stop representing the meticulous care he paid to the attention of his business. Another famous hotel, the Waldorf = Astoria (yes, with a double bar, which represents the bridge that linked the two hotels in their original location, now occupied by the Empire State Building) also took care to make the stay of its occupants the nicest possible. Among its innovations are offering room service or private bathrooms.


Automated call monitoring

Throughout time, the care and exquisite care of the guests has been translated into improving both the service and the attention provided. Whether it is a large hotel chain such as a family hostel, the key to success is the satisfaction of its customers with their return or recommendation to relatives or friends.

For that reason, people who are working in a hotel should have a friendly and impeccable treatment with all those who choose to stay in their facilities. And the first step is to serve them properly when they contact us.

Of course, that’s a problem. Employees can not neglect the needs of their occupants at any time, which sometimes means that they are not available to answer the telephone. That first contact is essential for the business to continue flowing. But, if the future is prioritized over the present, the service provided to the guests will be relegated to the background, generating a bad image inadmissible in the world of hospitality.



The new technologies offer invaluable help in these cases, allowing to disconnect the contact work of the personnel. Thanks to the virtual secretaries, you can have a professional and optimal customer service with which to free our employees of duality on the treatment required without affecting their quality at any time.

Its operation is very simple. It is like having an exclusive secretary who is in charge of receiving the calls and who proceeds to inform or make reservations for the hotel. Only, in this case, that person will not be in a specific room or unit, but in the virtual Internet cloud, translated in the reception computer.


Call routing across locations

Unlike a traditional telephone service, this new system can be implemented in each of the hotels or hostels of a chain throughout the national geography or, even, within the same city in case of having several buildings strategically located. Something like a multi-service center integrated into each hotel from the network.

All those who have ever stayed at a hotel, either for work or tourism, know the discomfort that is waiting in reception while the person on the other side of the counter tells us with a hand to wait for a second post that is answering a call. Or, much worse, that the telephone interrupts our conversation shortly after our arrival. For the worker, it is an uncomfortable moment since he has clients in front of him but another waiting line. Whatever your decision, will cause dissatisfaction to one of the two. From the other point of view, there is nothing more frustrating than contacting a hotel to reserve a room and that said call is not answered.


Scalable services

These types of situations can currently be solved through virtual telephone services for hotels. If we analyze it objectively, it makes much more sense for human contact to be made by employees and the telephone by a virtual receptionist. In this way, the provision of the service is optimized in such a way that each one of them can provide the corresponding care to the clients.

Finally, the hiring of this type of service provides an extra added advantage of which all those who have started using virtual telephone service for hotels have realized. It is what we might call a happy surprise or an unexpected gift generated by the effect of action – consequence. And it is the tranquility that it creates. When the phone is not ringing at any time, visitors can enjoy a quiet peace during breakfast or sleep.