The success of a business is due to many factors, but certainly, a business does not make sense if the customers are not satisfied and well cared for. The product or service that is sold to the customer must be of quality and of course, must meet the expectations that the customer had. Another key factor is customer service, which in many cases is offered by telephone.



If we have a global business, which, for example, sells internationally, it is interesting to have a telephone service where you can serve the customer in their language. This is especially complicated, since having many secretaries who can serve the client in their native language can be especially expensive for any business. The solution comes from the hand of having a virtual secretary that is native to the client’s language. This option is the best of all, the cheapest and the one that will best serve the client.



The client wants to be well looked after, wants to be listened to and his / her doubts resolved, his / her problem solved or his / her suggestions taken into account. What is the best way? Well with a well-trained and qualified group of secretaries, who know the protocol of customer service and is able to attend to it in the most friendly and appropriate manner without reducing the efficiency of the customer’s own attention or resolution.



When calling a company by telephone, we are clear that the person who answers the phone is the person who represents the company at that time and is not the director of the company or the sales team or anything like that, is the person of the company. Customer service that responds to that call that has the power to give prestige to the company or on the contrary to leave the customer with the bad taste in his mouth and disappointed because he does not attend correctly. Customer service is extremely important for companies, and that is why more and more companies highlight this service and dedicate more budget to it.



Any business must have a policy of respect for its customers that allows them to retain and retain them, so once again we see that the attention they receive when they telephone the company is key to the business. A good customer service loyalty and makes them repeat customers, and therefore the companies get to win customers, who unconditionally decide next time to repeat another product or similar service.



The client requests attention when he needs it, without caring about the time of day or the day of the week, he simply calls when he considers it appropriate. Having a telephone customer service limited in terms of hours is not the best option for a business, so having a permanent reception service and quality is a very good option that will not miss opportunities or customers to the company.



Kindness when it comes to helping a client is essential. A customer served by someone rough or rude will immediately stop requiring the services of the company and even make bad publicity of it. Similarly, a customer who has to wait a long time to be served has a high probability of abandoning their attempt and of leaving with the competition. Is that really what we want for our business?