Do not we all dream of going to work and meeting people for whom we feel true sympathy, because we value their personality and collaborative work with them, in addition, a magnificent team? Does it sound too nice to be true? Well, I should not, because the art of creating a successful team does not have as much to do with capabilities, but rather with personality and diversity. Gwen Moran of  Fast Company has gathered, for this reason, the five varied profiles that a team needs to gather to reach the category and maintain it over time. True to the motto “sharing is supportive,” we also want to analyze these types of profiles a little more in depth.



Whoever thinks of this in craft activities and a ball of human wool, I’m afraid he will be disappointed. The adhesive is essential for a team thanks to the ability to gather and take into account certain partial aspects for a large whole. It always manages to keep partially interrelated projects under control and never fails to keep in mind the general objective. In addition, he has a high degree of empathy, through which he can calibrate well the strengths and weaknesses of the members of his team, and a special ability to capture his wishes and needs. The adhesive is also capable of taking good care of people, of gathering them, without losing control over the big hole.



In times when the word “innovative” is used in an almost inflationary way, naturally, it can not be lacking in the description of an ideal team. And indeed it is so, that every good meeting needs a creative head and that sadness acts against creativity. The innovator is always in search of exciting, varied and, of course, innovative solutions. Usually, have a fresh look at the facts and situations. This is why it is essential when it comes to finding efficient and interesting ways and optimizing structures at the right key points.



As in football, from time to time it is necessary to have the proper support and be aware of it as well. The intercessors of the teams are not, therefore, like timid mimosa that hide in their snail shells … quite the opposite! They intercede on behalf of their teammates and encourage them to develop their abilities freely. In addition, they have a high degree of loyalty and sense of responsibility, and at the end of the day, they not only see their own personal progress but especially that of the team.



Similar to the tradition of padlocks on bridges, which should unite lovers forever, the task of the bridge in the team is to establish relationships. They are particularly well-structured thanks to their extensive information system. They do everything possible to reconcile the right people and thus establish important connections. To this end, the bridges constantly provide the newest and most appropriate information that the team needs, to be always up to date.



Finally, there is a type of important person, who encourages the team to grow beyond itself, the avant-garde! The avant-garde is the precursor of the team, who undertakes new ways and leads to new galaxies thanks to his futurist thinking. Through his vision of the future, he is usually one step ahead of other team members most of the time and often inspire them to look beyond their noses. In most cases, they are the best contact person, together with the innovator, when it comes to new, unusual perspectives. A good vanguard is therefore essential for the team when it has set the goal of being a team of the durable category, which goes with the signs of time.


That is, it seems that it is sensible to focus on these five specific profiles when forming a team, if what is intended is to get the most out of it.