OmniCall knows small businesses. We started as a small business ourselves, with a goal of helping other small businesses thrive. We love how they contribute to their community and local economies. In honor of all small businesses across the U.S, here are some of our favorite tips to help your business flourish.



With the world becoming more and more impersonal, your customers are wanting to purchase from a company they know and trust. They want to know you and your story. A great way to accomplish this is through social media! Sharing blog posts about how/why you started your business, unique photos of your product, and even photos of your clients with your products help to establish your brand and personality.



It’s almost impossible to operate a successful small business without technology these days. Make sure you have an up-to-date website with plenty of information about your company. Online Website Builders make the process simple and easy to do yourself. Is business taking off? It may be time to invest in a CRM program to keep up with your current clients and to track where your potential leads are coming from.



Did you know 82% of buyers seek referrals before purchasing? It’s time to be proactive! Ask happy clients if they’d be willing to give you a review on your social media platforms and Yelp. Ask if they know of anyone else who could benefit from your product/service. And most importantly, respond to negative feedback immediately. Diffuse the situation quickly; this shows other potential customers you are sincere, and who knows –  you could win back an unhappy client!


Missed Calls

After all this hard work, don’t blow it by missing a connection with potential callers. Statistics show that callers who do not reach a live person will hang up without leaving a message. How do you manage to run your small business and answer every single call that comes in? With OmniCall. Our small business virtual receptionists are available 24/7 to catch your calls and 99% of the time, your callers will never know they’re speaking with an outside firm; we literally become an extension of your staff. Remember, you get one chance to make a first impression.


At OmniCall, we pride ourselves on giving your small business the customer service your clients deserve while you handle your business. If you’re interested in giving our small business answering service a try, contact us today.