There’s hardly love at first sight these days. There are more services and competitors trying to woo your customers away every day. It’s time to rope them in from the very beginning; love starts at hello. And this is why you need a small business answering service.


At OmniCall, we talk a good bit about first impressions and the impact they have on your company. They are your first “hello” and it sets the tone for the duration of that relationship. So, why not utilize a tool, such as a small business answering service, to wow them every call? Here’s how we do it:


Show You Care

Do you answer the phone when potential customers call? Do they ever reach your voicemail? According to statistics, by the year 2020, 86% of consumers will pay more for better customer service. Show you care by providing real, friendly receptionists available 24/7 to answer their call.


Build Trust

You want your clients to be so in love with you and your brand that, if a cheaper option comes along, they stay by your side. Providing consistent, outstanding customer service is the best way to prove they can trust that you are the best fit for them.


Gain Loyalty

Once you’ve proven you’re the best and most trustworthy of the competition, a small business answering service will keep your customers loyal to the end. We all have that one business we’ll always use, not because it’s the cheapest or best product, but because of the way they treat us.


Small business answering services such as OmniCall become a part of your team. We are here for you and your customers, building trust, loyalty, and most importantly relationships. If you’re ever in the market for a receptionist service, give us a try!