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Business is booming in Peachtree City! Nearly 2,000 businesses help to make the economy here thrive. With such growth and activity comes the need for better customer service to keep your customers with you for the long haul. At OmniCall, we provide a higher standard for answering services, while keeping the costs much lower than hiring more staff in-house to take on the task of keeping your customers happy and satisfied!

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Business has been going smoothly for a while, and more customers are finding you by the day. Your hard work is paying off, and it seems like you’re going to have a sustainable business after all. There’s so much to celebrate, but you’re not entirely out of the woods yet. Now the challenge comes with being available as often as possible to keep your customers happy when they call in. Too often, phone calls are missed because there isn’t enough staff on hand who can accept those calls. These customers are sent to lifeless, robotic voicemail machines where the frustration and dissatisfaction with your company grow from there. For many people, even having one experience like that at your company is enough to send them into a rage and never want to do business with you again, even though you might have some of the best product offerings or impeccable service all around. What can you do in tight situations like these?

Consider switching to OmniCall today! Our team of professional virtual receptionists is here 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accept phone calls day and night. Even after business hours, there’s no need to fret whether someone will be there to speak. There’s no complicated equipment you have to install yourself or anything like that. You can immediately begin to enjoy all the perks a great virtual receptionist service comes with and save yourself a nice wad of cash too with how you don’t have to go out and post ads on job boards to find a few people who can answer the phones when you’re not available. It’s time to take your business more seriously than ever and get all the time back you deserve. OmniCall Receptionist allows you to do it all and keep your customers satisfied at the same time! It’s the closest thing to being able to have your cake and eat it too.

Stay Connected With Your Customers, Even When You Aren’t There

Don’t be afraid any longer of taking a quick break out of the office or going on a bit of vacation now and then. We’ll answer phone calls so well it will be like you’re there one way or the other. With such features as these, you will have everything you need to provide fantastic customer service every time, consistently!

Customized Greetings Each Time

Every customer will receive a customized greeting when they call in. You can also instruct us on what kind of greeting you want our virtual receptionists to say, giving you more control than ever!

Convenient Call Forwarding Features

No more missing details of phone calls. You can even tell us which business department you want the customers and clients forwarded to. Get more time to grow your business further and not worry about people not being able to find what they need!

Business Phone Calls Are Always Answered

Morning, noon, and night, there will always be someone on our end who will be there to accept incoming calls. You can afford to go on a nice vacation without your customers getting confused or frustrated. You have the option to have these phone calls forwarded to another department that can solve the customer’s problem best.

Eliminate Expensive Staff

Rather than paying thousands of dollars to have this work done in-house, you can get all of these amazing virtual receptionist services for as little as $155 a month. It’s an unbeatable deal where you get access to the friendliest virtual receptionists in Georgia. You can read more about our pricing here.

 Industries We Serve

We have virtual receptionist services that cover the needs of businesses from a variety of industries. We’ve helped save businesses like these thousands of dollars in revenue through our experience handling phone calls remotely.


Law firms of all varieties can use our services to better represent themselves to clients. Some of the lawyers we’ve helped are contract lawyers, personal injury lawyers, tax attorneys, and family practice attorneys.


For financial professionals, communication over the phone is the key to retaining clients. Use our professional virtual receptionist services to help you meet the demands of your customers.


Insurance professionals don’t always have the time to attend to every customer. That’s why our virtual receptionist solutions make communication with your clients much easier!

Information Technology

IT experts have to be able to walk through a problem with a customer without alienating them in the process. Our virtual receptionists will learn industry-specific terms to make the first impression on your customers as professional as possible.

Real Estate

Real estate agents of all types can trust OmniCall Receptionist for their needs because great communication with a client can make a great difference in whether a property is sold or not.


Medical and healthcare professionals must be quick, prompt, and courteous with the patients they interact with. Unfortunately, times can get quite busy, you’re going to need all the help you can get from our virtual receptionist professionals.

Check Out Our Testimonials

Our clients have been happy with the high quality of service we provide. When it comes to finding a full-time receptionist for your business, you can’t go wrong with OmniCall.

Consider a Peachtree City, GA Answering Service for These Reasons

Need more reasons to switch to a local answering service you can depend on for years to come? In a nutshell, you’ll gain quite a lot of ground in winning people over to your services and keep the customers you already have!


Build a Solid Reputation

Customer service is a pillar of good branding. Do an excellent job in this regard, and you’ll have more customers recommending your business to others they know. Referrals could potentially become a viable source of new revenue for your business as a result.


Eliminate Hold Times

Putting anyone on hold is bound to cause frustration. They are calling you because they want their problem fixed, not to sit there for an hour or two waiting.


Fewer Expenses to Worry About

With a virtual receptionist service in your local area, there’s no need to spend thousands of more dollars trying to hire more staff. Not to mention you reduce all the costs associated with missed calls, which cost businesses even more in lost revenues and sales.


Boost Retention Rates

A significant positive in trusting us for incoming calls is providing an avenue for your business to hold onto the customers you need. Satisfied, happy customers equals both short-term and long-term gains. Now, isn’t that something to get excited over?

We understand that running a business isn’t always a walk in the park. It’s stressful and can take a lot out of anyone willing to put in hard work and dedication into their success. It’s not helpful when you have to dread missing another phone call from an important client. Now, with OmniCall, you will no longer have that headache to deal with. Say sayonara to that costly in-house team and get better customer service with our team today!

Let’s Grow Your Business Together!

Georgia virtual receptionists at OmniCall are ready and willing to work with you to help grow your Peachtree City, GA business and bring satisfaction to each caller. Our services come with a 30-day money back guarantee!