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Want an answering service created to handle incoming calls even after business hours for your Marietta business? OmniCall has you completely covered on all fronts. See how our virtual receptionists are working hard to keep your business in check!

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Marietta has made its mark on Metro Atlanta as being one of the largest cities in the entire area, ripe for business activity. With competition this steep, you’re going to need to have some way to keep up. Just one missed phone call can spell disaster for your public relations or even worse! This is why you need to have a chat with us about our virtual answering services. See, a considerable expense for many businesses comes from hiring in-house secretary teams. They can get the job done, but with all the extra overhead and other costs, you might not be getting the best deal. Instead of going through all that, why not save a boatload by switching to OmniCall Receptionist today? We do everything your in-house team can but at much lower monthly prices!

For over 30 years, we have been leading the way in smart, innovative solutions through our virtual answering services. No longer will anyone have to be put on hold to reach a real person when they get to talk to our friendly, passionate representatives instead. You have much more control over where the calls are forwarded, giving you more time to relax or work on doing what you love best. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even on holidays! See if we’re an excellent choice for your business. There’s no rush to commit to our services if for any reason, you aren’t satisfied!

Stop Missing Out on Important Customer Calls

Being able to consistently and successfully reach out to people calling your business is ultimately important. No one likes to be redirected to an answering machine when they call in. That’s why at OmniCall, we’ve developed several features that add a more powerful capability to your business. These features include:

Convenient Call Forwarding Features

Never miss the details of your call. Our call forwarding allows you to let us know what department you’d like us to forward the customer or client to. You can now have more time to scale your business knowing people are getting to the right place with our help.

Customized Greetings Each Time

A big part of keeping customers and clients on board for the long haul is making them feel like you’re listening to every one of their needs. Our virtual receptionists are trained to ask the right questions and to give every customer their personalized attention.

Business Phone Calls Are Always Answered

Morning, noon, and night, there will always be someone on our end who will be there to accept incoming calls. You can afford to go on a nice vacation without your customers getting confused or frustrated. You have the option to have these phone calls forwarded to another department that can solve the customer’s problem best.

Eliminate Expensive Staff

Rather than paying thousands of dollars to have this work done in-house, you can get all of these amazing virtual receptionist services for as little as $155 a month. It’s an unbeatable deal where you get access to the friendliest virtual receptionists in Georgia. You can read more about our pricing here.

Industries We Help

Are you part of any of these industries where virtual receptionists can best help you? Take a look at some of the company types were able to work with. We’re always finding new ways to provide more value for you.


Contract legal firms, personal injury attorneys, tax attorneys, and much more get exceptional customer service from our team. Many of them find our website and are thrilled to learn about all the features we offer.


Finance companies can always benefit from having a virtual receptionist partner by their side. No more missed calls or lost business as a result!


Selling insurance is a lot harder when you don’t have the tools to keep up with every potential prospect calling in. Not a problem with OmniCall!

Information Technology

IT professionals are grateful for the level of customer service we provide to the customers they work with. We’re able to walk the walk and leave your customers at ease.

Real Estate

“Sold!” That’s probably what you want to hear more of, and with OmniCall, you’ll be able to close more clients than ever before.


If you’re a busy medical professional or practitioner who needs more help taking care of patients over the phone, then not to worry. OmniCall is there for you.

Check Out Our Testimonials

Our clients have been happy with the high quality of service we provide. When it comes to finding a full-time receptionist for your business, you can’t go wrong with OmniCall.

Other Benefits

Why should you spend time investing in an answering service such as the one we have on offer? Consider all of these benefits first:


Fewer Expenses to Worry About

With a virtual receptionist service in your local area, there’s no need to spend thousands of more dollars trying to hire more staff. Not to mention you reduce all the costs associated with missed calls, which cost businesses even more in lost revenues and sales.


Build a Solid Reputation

Customer service is a pillar of good branding. Do an excellent job in this regard, and you’ll have more customers recommending your business to others they know. Referrals could potentially become a viable source of new revenue for your business as a result.


Eliminate Hold Times

Putting anyone on hold is bound to cause frustration. They are calling you because they want their problem fixed, not to sit there for an hour or two waiting.

Boost Retention Rates

A significant positive in trusting us for incoming calls is providing an avenue for your business to hold onto the customers you need. Satisfied, happy customers equals both short-term and long-term gains. Now, isn’t that something to get excited over?

Running a business isn’t always easy. We understand that you have a life too and the last thing you need is for customers to get angry at you because their calls weren’t responded too timely enough for them. There’s none of that headache after you’ve switched to OmniCall for all your needs, and say goodbye to that expensive in-house department you might have had before taking these calls too! The savings are just too significant not to take notice!

Let’s Grow Your Business Together!

Georgia virtual receptionists at OmniCall are ready and willing to work with you to help grow your Marietta, GA business and bring satisfaction to each caller. Our services come with a 30-day money back guarantee!