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Our team of live call answering professionals is here to help your Chamblee business attract new customers and keep all the ones you currently have. Excellent customer service goes a long way in keeping your reputation intact, and it’s important to be able to take phone calls even after business hours. Find out why OmniCall is your best choice in answering services in Chamblee!

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Have you been wanting to take a nice break from running your business, but genuinely fear everything will fall apart because you’re not there to answer phone calls in time? This is a common situation many business owners face. After a while, running a business becomes a drain even though you’re having tons of success expanding and reaching new customers far and wide. What could go wrong from here? Having a growing business is an incredible feeling, but it also means that there’s more responsibility to accept with the ever-increasing numbers of people finding you each day. Something that used only to take a small bit of your time now can take literally hours. You have to show your customers that your business is serious about attending to their needs. They don’t want to speak to a robotic answering machine or find out they have to leave a message after the beep.

Nothing turns off a potential customer like all this unnecessary red tape. That’s why at OmniCall Receptionist, we have found a way to put an end to this problem for good. In the last few decades, we have dedicated our time to perfecting our virtual live call answering services. You will no longer have to rely on costly in-house secretaries to do all the work when you can send the same work to us, and we’ll get it done at far less of a cost to you. We’re the most reliable live call answering service in Chamblee, and we thank you for giving our services a fair shake. You can always reach us 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you have any questions.

What Are the Features?

How does a virtual live call answering service differ from a traditional one? Just look at some of the many features we’re able to offer that an in-house service can’t!

Automatic Voicemails

Get specific details on what was discussed during each call and essential information on the customer like name, email, phone number, and address. We will provide a summary of what was discussed with the customer during the call!

Custom Greetings & Messages

For a better experience, we give you the option to give our virtual receptionists a good idea of what they need to say when a customer calls. You will have much more control and flexibility and be sure your company’s branding will remain consistent even with someone else handling the conversations on your behalf.

Appointment Scheduling

Your customers can schedule an appointment with your business, and we’ll do the rest. Our virtual receptionists know how to use the best tools to make the appointment scheduling process run smoothly and forward your appointment details no matter where you are.

Route Any Calls You Want

The flexibility you get with our services can’t be beaten. You can have our staff reroute any call you want at any time. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you need to give us a call at 888-797-8555.

Chamblee, GA Virtual Answering Service Benefits

You need a reliable team who can get your Chamblee business to stand out against hundreds of others, not just in the city, but in DeKalb County. Here’s how you’re able to benefit most from our virtual receptionist services!

Call Forwarding Made Simpler
There are no extra hoops that you have to jump through to get our services to work well for you. We’ve made call forwarding as simple as possible, forwarding incoming calls to our virtual receptionist team who will then let you know about all the details of the call.
Boost Your Brand & Marketing

Now you can get fantastic customer service without having to pay a fortune for it. Our virtual receptionists are trained to treat each customer well and make them feel comfortable interacting with your brand. Each customer will be greeted individually making them feel at home when they call your business line.

Eliminate Expensive Staff

No more having to spend thousands of dollars on in-house secretaries and staff to take on these challenges. Our virtual receptionists are more than willing to do that instead. Plus, you can get our services for as little as $155 a month. View our pricing plans for more information.

Business Phone Calls Are Always Answered

Morning, noon, and night, there will always be someone on our end who will be there to accept incoming calls. You can afford to go on a nice vacation without your customers getting confused or frustrated. You have the option to have these phone calls forwarded to another department that can solve the customer’s problem best.

Check Out Our Testimonials

Our clients have been happy with the high quality of service we provide. When it comes to finding a full-time receptionist for your business, you can’t go wrong with OmniCall.

Industries Served

Want your business to be taken seriously and not risk alienating potential customers? Our virtual receptionist services give businesses in your specified industry a much-needed boost in what it can do! Find your specific business in the list below.


Contract legal firms, personal injury attorneys, tax attorneys, and much more get exceptional customer service from our team. Many of them find our website and are thrilled to learn about all the features we offer.


Finance companies can always benefit from having a virtual receptionist partner by their side. No more missed calls or lost business as a result!


Selling insurance is a lot harder when you don’t have the tools to keep up with every potential prospect calling in. Not a problem with OmniCall!

Information Technology

IT professionals are grateful for the level of customer service we provide to the customers they work with. We’re able to walk the walk and leave your customers at ease.

Real Estate

“Sold!” That’s probably what you want to hear more of, and with OmniCall, you’ll be able to close more clients than ever before.


If you’re a busy medical professional or practitioner who needs more help taking care of patients over the phone, then not to worry. OmniCall is there for you.

Let’s Grow Your Business Together!

Georgia virtual receptionists at OmniCall are ready and willing to work with you to help grow your Chamblee, GA business and bring satisfaction to each caller. Our services come with a 30-day money back guarantee!