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We’re offering our best live call answering services in Buford, GA and other areas in the Metro Atlanta area. Due to our persistence and commitment to providing stellar service, we’ve been able to keep business owners from having to waste valuable resources on in-house answering secretaries they don’t need and instead reliably send the work over to our team. For over 30 years, we have made a name for ourselves and will continue to fulfill our mission.

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For business owners in Buford, there’s a much better solution to continually trying to find more staff to solve the problem of missed incoming calls. Missing calls is such a serious matter that many businesses depend on great public perception to keep growing. One or two customers miffed by having to speak to an answering machine are going to be the ones who will recommend to their friends and family to find another company to buy products & services from. Because of this, you must have an effective way to combat the issue, but what if you need some time away from your business to spend time with family or go on a nice vacation? What then? That’s where our professional virtual receptionists come into the picture. At OmniCall, they go above and beyond to fulfill every need you have. They are quick to learn and get a good feel for your industry to provide the best customer service possible.

You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars in vain only to downsize your staff later on. Why go through that hassle when you could save a fortune by switching to OmniCall today. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even on the holidays, our professional virtual receptionists are working hard to represent your business in the best manner. You have nothing to lose by switching to our services. You get all the flexibility you need to maintain the reputation of your business and have the confidence to keep growing without missing a beat. Give our virtual receptionist services a shot risk-free for 30 days. It’s that easy and straightforward to transform the way your business effectively responds to customer & client calls.

Grow Your Buford Business Faster with Our Help!

It’s possible to keep growing your Buford business without slowing down much at all. In the past, you would have had to answer each incoming call yourself or hire an in-house team to do the work for you. Now, with our help, you don’t have to pull your hair out doing either. We’ve spent much time getting our customer service skills down to perfection, and as a result, you will be able to:

Eliminate Hold Times

Putting anyone on hold is bound to cause frustration. They are calling you because they want their problem fixed, not to sit there for an hour or two waiting.

Build a Solid Reputation

Customer service is a pillar of good branding. Do an excellent job in this regard, and you’ll have more customers recommending your business to others they know. Referrals could potentially become a viable source of new revenue for your business as a result.

Fewer Expenses to Worry About

With a virtual receptionist service in your local area, there’s no need to spend thousands of more dollars trying to hire more staff. Not to mention you reduce all the costs associated with missed calls, which cost businesses even more in lost revenues and sales.

Boost Retention Rates

A significant positive in trusting us for incoming calls is providing an avenue for your business to hold onto the customers you need. Satisfied, happy customers equals both short-term and long-term gains. Now, isn’t that something to get excited over?

We understand that running a business isn’t always a walk in the park. It’s stressful and can take a lot out of anyone willing to put in hard work and dedication into their success. It’s not helpful when you have to dread missing another phone call from an important client. Now, with OmniCall, you will no longer have that headache to deal with. Say sayonara to that costly in-house team and get better customer service with our team today!

So Many Features to Give Your Buford Business an Advantage!

Ever wanted an answering service where you can have more control over what’s said and how each call is handled. Our services are so efficient and effective that you can step away from the phones for a while and still have your customer service go smoothly. That’s how well-trained our live call answering specialists are. Here are some more handy features you can take advantage of:

Convenient Call Forwarding Features
No more missing details of phone calls. You can even tell us which business department you want the customers and clients forwarded to. Get more time to grow your business further and not worry about people not being able to find what they need!
Customized Greetings Each Time

Every customer will receive a customized greeting when they call in. You can also instruct us on what kind of greeting you want our virtual receptionists to say, giving you more control than ever!

Eliminate Expensive Staff

No more having to spend thousands of dollars on in-house secretaries and staff to take on these challenges. Our virtual receptionists are more than willing to do that instead. Plus, you can get our services for as little as $155 a month. View our pricing plans for more information.

Check Out Our Testimonials

Our clients have been happy with the high quality of service we provide. When it comes to finding a full-time receptionist for your business, you can’t go wrong with OmniCall.

Industries Served

Want your business to be taken seriously and not risk alienating potential customers? Our virtual receptionist services give businesses in your specified industry a much-needed boost in what it can do! Find your specific business in the list below.


Contract legal firms, personal injury attorneys, tax attorneys, and much more get exceptional customer service from our team. Many of them find our website and are thrilled to learn about all the features we offer.


Finance companies can always benefit from having a virtual receptionist partner by their side. No more missed calls or lost business as a result!


Selling insurance is a lot harder when you don’t have the tools to keep up with every potential prospect calling in. Not a problem with OmniCall!

Information Technology

IT professionals are grateful for the level of customer service we provide to the customers they work with. We’re able to walk the walk and leave your customers at ease.

Real Estate

“Sold!” That’s probably what you want to hear more of, and with OmniCall, you’ll be able to close more clients than ever before.


If you’re a busy medical professional or practitioner who needs more help taking care of patients over the phone, then not to worry. OmniCall is there for you.

Let’s Grow Your Business Together!

Georgia virtual receptionists at OmniCall are ready and willing to work with you to help grow your Buford, GA business and bring satisfaction to each caller. Our services come with a 30-day money back guarantee!