Whether you have your own in-house Receptionist or you use a service such as OmniCall, we encourage you to keep in mind the less appealing side of their call-handling job. Here are a few examples of the craziness they take on by filtering your calls.


The Angry Caller

This is the most obvious one your Receptionist deals with on a daily basis, no matter what industry you are in. If you’ve ever had to calm an irate caller, you understand the toll it can take on your attitude for the rest of the day. Fortunately, our OmniCall Receptionists are trained extensively on how to handle these callers, and if they need to take a quick breather to go punch a wall – we give them free reign so that the next caller isn’t affected.


The Overly Persistent Caller

We’re not just talking about Solicitors here; these callers are sometimes even friends of the person they’re trying to reach and they flat out refuse to believe you are unavailable at the moment. It takes consistent reassurance that you will call them back or that we can get a message to you. “If you’re such good friends, why don’t you call him on his cell???” is what we want to say.


The Hard to Understand Caller

This has got to be the most annoying of them all. Have you ever called somewhere and you have to repeat yourself multiple times? So frustrating. Think about how awkward and maddening it is for your Receptionist? A thick accent, a soft speaker, a bad phone connection – You want to just hang up!


Fortunately, the pleasant callers usually make up for the bad ones. As the first impression for your business, your Receptionist must constantly have a tight grip on their composure. Please, keep this in mind when passing by and maybe offer a “You’re doing a great job” every now and then. And if you’re looking for the perfect call every time, consider hiring a Virtual Receptionist Service such as OmniCall.