It takes a special breed (no pun intended) to run a Pet Sitting Company. Between crazy hours, countless dog walks, and undivided attention to your fuzzy clientele, who has time to answer the phone? We do! And our super friendly, professional receptionists are trained daily on handling your special line of customers. Here’s a few reasons to consider OmniCall for your Pet Sitting Business.


No More Interruptions

Whether you’re a one-man show or you have staff there to help, times can always become chaotic; missing a call could mean missing a potential customer. That’s ruff! Our OmniCall Receptionists can act as your full-time receptionist by answering your calls from the time you open till you close up shop. We can also answer your after-hour calls, or both! Because we’re available 24/7, you never miss a call and your clients are happy knowing they will always reach a live human being.


Appointment Scheduling & Pricing Calls

We’re not just a message taking machine – we’re real, live receptionists offering top-notch customer service for your pet sitting company. Our receptionists are able to do just about anything your regular in-house receptionist does, but for a fraction of the cost. We can schedule appointments, give pricing information, give out directions – your account can be as custom as you want! You design your script, and we make sure to become an extension of your business.


We’re Pet People, too!

We know the importance of your brand. You need a caring, compassionate voice on the other end of that phone to seal the deal. Unlike generic answering services, our receptionists are trained daily on the pet industry so we can best handle your callers and 4-legged friends. Vacations, and even daily visits, can be scary for a pet owner; we offer the confidence and gentle nature to ease them into the process. You can trust us fully.


If you’re ready to boost your Pet Sitting Company to the next level, give us a ring. We’d be honored to represent you, and we promise you will never miss another call.