Why is order important? It’s clear, right? The effectiveness of the message lies not in its originality, but in its rapid understanding.

If we look at nature, we will observe that the branches of trees, among others, follow the Fibonacci chain in its growth. The protons, electrons, and neutrons combine in a certain order to form the elements. Our DNA forms long chains respecting a pattern that allows us to exist. That is to say, that order is important in life.


Let her understand your business needs

The business world is not so different from biology. After all, everything is governed by rules, a style and, yes, again, an order. A large company divides employees into departments; a small one specializes in a business and has the right people or people to do the work. In turn, all of them will depend on others having the materials or manufacturing the necessary components for optimal performance at work.

However, when we get down working with a task, we disperse like the mind of a poet looking at the clouds. Now we have to do one thing, but we remember another one, we remember that we have to carry out an important management that forces us to postpone the work we are doing, we get a call, then another, a third that tells us that the first was more important … and ends the day with too many fronts open and a huge headache.


Discuss your goals with the secretary

From the Greeks, we learned geometry, from the Romans, the strategy. Both towns were great and highly valued to date. Why? Because they knew the importance of knowing how to maintain order. For the followers of Pythagoras, the geometry was so important that they kept it secret, revealing its mysteries only after being ritually initiated. The Roman forces conquered almost the entire world by training their armies in orderly formation, attacking and defending using more logic than muscle. However, instead of learning from the successes of the past, we face day to day as barbarous reckless.

That is why it is important to know how to conveniently carry out our tasks using an agenda, our geometric book in which to organize the strategy of the day, of the week, of the month and of the year. It is a work, a priori, quite simple to execute. You just have to write down the time and the day … oh, a moment; that day I can not, Better we change it, A call, They cancel the meeting on Tuesday, Where do I put it now? I move the date for next week … Wait. This meeting is important to take forward another issue. And now an alert … Go! It had to be half an hour ago delivering the project.


Let her know your priority

While we break our brains looking for a way to organize all this, we are losing work time. Rather; We are not working. The solution would be to do it once the day is over. But then we accumulate too many things to make sense. I wish I had a secretary who would do all this!

It is true that large companies have this numerical advantage. There is no office that does not have windows or a secretary keeping her door. But for the self-employed and small businesses, this invaluable help becomes a high expense. First, by hiring. Second, by the adaptation or reform of the space to integrate it (s) in the company. And, third, because it takes time to do all this while trying to organize the rest of things we have to do.


Share important information on time with your secretary

The solution is given to us by the poet absorbed in the clouds. The etheric world offers the option of hiring a virtual secretary to take charge of carrying our personalized agendas. It is a much cheaper service than the one of a lifetime but more suitable for those who do not have the economic power of the corporate giants.

Thanks to the virtual secretaries, we will have a personalized system with which to manage our time, leaving us free space to carry out our work with the appropriate order that it requires. The matters that arrive at the office will be received by our secretary and will be in charge of locating it effectively and professionally in that notebook called agenda. And, most importantly, it will prioritize any type of changes depending on the relevance of these in our work.


In this way, the work will flow without jumps, distractions or interruptions, achieving the objective imposed with greater ease. Personalized agendas are the mathematical formula to find success and clear up the unknowns of other activities that arise. But you have to know how to organize them. A good general delegates the command in order to obtain the prized victory in the battle. A good businessman has to do the same with the right person, with someone who knows how to handle that agenda as a soldier his sword.