Christmas is a period of peace, love, and friendship. Children have vacations, families eat together, and employees take their jobs more calmly. Yes, as long as this is not the best time to make cash. Vendors of Christmas baskets, manufacturers of zambombas and Christmas cotillion make their August in the middle of the winter season.

On the other hand, it is a time for gifts. It is very nice to receive them but to deliver them, and you have to manage all the logistics well before. For these types of events, large companies have specialized departments. SMEs and freelancers, more hours of work.

A good Christmas campaign is essential for the future development of companies. Because, from what is sown in these frozen dates, crops flourish before spring arrives. It serves to keep our customers loyal while at the same time it is an optimal moment of expansion. But beware, with so much party it is easy to neglect the clientele and leave them in the hands of the competition.


Give thanks to your clients

As we have seen, the word vacations are not associated with Christmas in the business world. It is even the opposite of a break. The only traditional of this time is the increase in work volume accompanied by a relaxation and work laxity.

But Christmas is also characterized by its miracles. A good decision gives prizes more fat than the National Lottery because the joys are more felt by those who need them most although these are virtual.


Run a festive promotion

The best gift that can be given to customers is to improve the quality of our service and products. The trifle of which they are delivered at this time is a detail, a symbol of gratitude for their confidence. But apart from the obligatory illusion, it will not benefit them at all, save saving the cost of a gift in some cases.

Employees also want something better than nougat, happy holidays and a prosperous New Year. But, instead of giving them something, we better take it away: hours and workload. What is not removed, yes, is the salary. Thanks to this, they will be able to enjoy more time with their families, to choose well the gifts, the meats and the delicacies of the dinner without having to do the quick shopping at the last minute, like last year.

And, for those whose agendas are saturated by these dates due to their business activity, what better gift than someone who is dedicated to organizing it, answering the phone and making appointments while we dedicate ourselves to doing our work as Christmas Father Santa Claus and not as Grumpy elves?


Stay on top of emails and correspondence

This magic does not come from the East, nor is it going to Bethlehem, because it is waiting in the “cloud” of the Internet sky.

The virtual secretaries emerged to help SMEs and self-employed workers in their task management tasks and telephone customer service. Its productive service throughout the year reaches its greatest importance when we arrive at the last weeks of it.

For some, this is the time of the highest volume of work and economic bonanza. Therefore, they are often overwhelmed by orders and requests for their products, not being able to meet all of them properly. If they had the services of a virtual secretary, they would better organize their task and could answer all the calls so as not to lose customers. The number of orders in these days multiplies, complicating in excess the normal course of work — the usual increase in the staff to carry out delivery or sale actions. The problem is that you need to delegate other tasks in more professional hands to be able to take charge of conveniently organizing the optimal functioning of the workforce. Precisely, that is the specialty that virtual secretaries contribute to this type of business: unlimited experience and contrasted in the management of campaigns and educated and professional call service.


Manage your diary throughout the holiday season

Others are also overwhelmed by a festive and labor storm that interrupts the pace of their work. The virtual secretaries provide the necessary support to undertake this extra task, freeing the heavy load of additional activities that the tired shoulders of the employees have to endure with the arrival of the winter solstice. The company can do little to avoid the burden of canned people walking through asphyxiated streets, the Christmas Carols ringing their bells and repeating the litany of their chants from store to store or the gastronomic and ethyl excesses characteristic of these festivities. But the virtual secretaries can take care of them inside the company, being in charge of the organization of the activities and letting them enjoy the smell of marzipan, cinnamon and frosty fruit inherent to these parties.

And customers will appreciate not hanging around the phone all the time. In addition, a pleasant and professional voice in the midst of the storm and the hustle and bustle of December sounds like an angel’s song compared to the stressful stress of someone who is immersed in the choppy tasks of the winter period.

Do not follow the bad star of previous years and follow the “cloud.” The phone number that always answers and touches.