It has not rained enough for some to remember what the offices were like before. Files, folders, diaries, notebooks, post-its, landline, classifiers, paper trays, more papers, pens, rulers, staplers … The first days of work were devoted to knowing where things were rather than working.

Suddenly, computers appeared. The tables were emptied of things and went from the narrowness of a Cuban bar to the simplicity of a Swedish building. The amount of work items was reduced to speed up the performance of tasks. The image of neat and orderly offices became a reality.

However, other things did not change. As the difficulty of SMEs and self-employed to compete against large companies. The costs were not equal and the quality of the service was affected by the shortage of labor. It is not the same to have a department that is dedicated to account invoices that to have a person in charge of them while he answers the phone and develops his real work at the same time. The work becomes a stormy load that ends up frustrating everyone.

Until the last technological revolution arose: online works. This way of outsourcing certain services is helping many companies to grow in the market and to be able to compete against rivals that seemed to play in another league.


Saving Cost

How can online work benefit a company? First, by lowering costs while improving quality. This type of services are more affordable than an increase in staff. They reduce tasks outside the company’s work more efficiently, since they are now carried out by professionals trained in this field. For example, the virtual secretaries are in charge of giving an optimal telephone service to the clients, at the same time that they are in charge of the own management of the companies and to organize the agenda.


Workplace structures

The other great advantage they offer is that they reduce even more the space needed in the office. No reforms or extensions are needed – with the expense they imply – for its implementation. Since we already have the computer to take care of that function.

The Industrial Revolution caused the greatest economic, technological and social change in history since the Neolithic. And we speak of the mid-eighteenth century. Since then, the world has been transformed following those principles. The machines have been accelerating work, making working conditions less harsh. The faster we have the more speed we want. Hence, with the current Computer Revolution, the concept of time can be squeezed more. We are permanently connected to the rest of the planet, the news does not take days to get to know each other, the communication is now immediate and we have access to places that we previously knew from adventure books.

With the means at our disposal today, it was evident that our way of life was going to change.


The human cloud

The most efficient way to perform any task is to have specialists in each sector that guarantee an optimum quality of work under a competent management. Large companies have a high number of employees that allow them to be competitive. Now, thanks to online work, it can be great being small. With the correct outsourcing of services, we boost the speed and growth of any SME or self-employed worker without having to make an inordinate investment. Topics such as translations, online marketing, design and programming of web pages, consulting, assistance and secretarial are now available for companies in the cloud.

In this way, all those functions that do not require face- to- face work in the company are available to you on a virtual basis. Technology has democratized opportunities for expansion. A company like Amazon, for example, has a store open on each computer. This has made it reach an unusually high reach ratio for a business that does not have a place to sell on the street. The sports betting pages move a large amount of money without using bills or coins. And we can even find work without going out on the street.


The future of companies lies in their ability to adapt to this new non-physical space. Like Marco Polo with the Silk Road and Columbus to discover by mistake America, the human being explores new ways with which to get more performance to their businesses. The business world has a high level of competence. For that reason, we must make the most of the tools we have. And, best of all, it does not take up space.