With the ever evolving and advanced technology, the business industry is increasingly turning into a virtual world. Digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing and cloud-based services are increasingly becoming popular. Similarly, traditional in-house phone receptionists are now replaced by remote receptionist service.

OmniCall is a leading remote receptionist service in the United States offering 24/7 live receptionist services to thousands of businesses across the country. If you are still working with an in-house receptionist, here is why you need to replace your traditional receptionist with the smarter and cost effective alternative – the OmniCall remote receptionist service.

Why Remote Receptionist Service is Getting Popular?

Mainly because they are more effective and act as a smart receptionist that takes over the job of traditional in-house receptionist and answering machine.

With 24/7 Live Receptionist service, your business can answer 100% calls. The more you answer calls, the more business you do.

The live receptionist services are getting popular as they are smarter, effective but more affordable than an in-house receptionist. It is a convenient option for business by letting professional answer the calls for the company. The trained professionals screen callers, take information, transfer relevant calls, schedule appointments and deliver important messages as text.

This is why thousands of businesses are choosing to replace in-house receptionists and answering machines with remote receptionist service. It is smarter, affordable and more effective.

In-House Receptionist Vs OmniCall

Listed are some more reasons why OmniCall is better than your in-house receptionist.

  • No matter how advanced your current phone system is, if you are working with a limited in-house staff, it cannot guarantee 100% answered calls.

On the other hand, with the cloud-based phone receptionist service by OmniCall and hundreds of live receptionist available round the clock, you can answer every phone call instantly.

When your in-house staff is only available for 9 to 5 office hours, our live receptionists are available 24/7.

  • What about the breaks, sick leaves, and vacations? You probably have an answering machine to handle such situations. The problem is, most of the customers turn away to other competitors when their calls are not answered by a live person.

OmniCall guarantees that every call is answered by a friendly and energetic professional receptionist. With OmniCall, you will never lose a customer for the delay in call answer.

You don’t have to worry about sick days, vacations and break anymore. Every call is answered without any delay.

  • Is it always a good option to make your staff answer calls? – No, not always as phone calls are ranked as the number one distraction for office staff.

By outsourcing to live call answering services to OmniCall, you can save time for your staff who can concentrate on more productive work.

Live Receptionist is Smart Receptionist

The receptionists at OmniCall can screen each caller and only transfer calls that are important to a relevant person or department. If you are busy, we take the message and send a text. We simply filter out the noise and forward calls that matter for your business.

Let OmnICall save time for your staff. We screen, filter and transfer only the most relevant and important calls.

  • Every phone receptionist at OmniCall is trained by leading customer services experts in the industry. For many small and medium businesses, it is not possible to provide similar training to their in-house receptionist.

With OmniCall, the quality of customer service is never compromised. Our virtual staff is trained to perform better than expectations of our clients and callers.

  • OmniCall is smarter, more effective and affordable call answering solution for businesses.

You only have to pay for minutes on calls with OmniCall instead of paying a monthly salary to in-house staff including payment for idle time. This allows you to pay for only the time your callers are on phone and save thousands of dollars every year.

  • To hire an in-house receptionist including all the paperwork is an exhausting and time-consuming practice for a business.

The Remote Phone Receptionist is Always a Better Option

With OmniCall, you don’t have to worry about hiring a new in-house receptionist after every few months. No more training concerns and ever irritating paperwork. You can work with us for years to come like thousands of other businesses that are working with OmniCall for decades.

  • OmnICall offers better supervision with an option to record every call to keep a check on call quality. This option is often not available with in-house receptionist unless you have an expensive automated phone response system.

Simply put, the live receptionist service by OmniCall is the smart option. It is more effective and affordable alternative to the traditional in-house receptionist. The concept which is becoming increasingly obsolete in the modern business world. To learn more about how OmniCall can help your business, feel free to contact us at any time of your convenience.