Are you among those businesses that are looking to expand their wings? The expansion is always the right direction for any business but with growth comes new challenges. Most businesses experience a surge in incoming calls from customers and prospects. The problem is – not every business is equipped to make the most out of the new reality. This is where Remote Answering Service by OmniCall comes handy.

You must be wondering about all the calls that are left unanswered during peak hours and after-hours. Imagine if you can answer every call no matter if it landed at 2 am or during the peak hours when your in-house receptionists are already busy. The good news is – it is possible for fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time in-house phone receptionist.

The remote answering service by OmniCall is specifically designed to provide you with this possibility, to answer each and every call 24/7 without slightest of delay. Offering professional phone answering service to thousands of businesses across the United States for almost three decades, OmniCall is considered as the leader among virtual phone answering industry.

In OmniCall, you find a reliable partner equipped with latest technology and highly skilled professional receptionists ready to replace your in-house receptionist. Our team of professional phone receptionists can do everything that an in-house receptionist does. In fact, we deliver more and often perform beyond the expectations of our clients. This is why we are praised by hundreds of happy clients.

OmniCall is a merger of human talent and smart technology to provide an effective remote answering solution to businesses in an increasingly tech-oriented virtual world.

OmniCall Difference: You Grow, We Perform

Our remote answering service is designed with only one goal, to help our clients to grow and expand.

How OmniCall do this?

When answering calls, we become your face. As our receptionists are often the first to interact with the callers, we make sure that we represent your brand/business like no other. The virtual staff is trained to greet callers with friendly and welcoming tone, understanding their needs and offering quick solutions.

We understand that every business has a unique set of needs and requirements, but this is where our strength lies. With multiple service options and pricing models, OmniCall can adapt to any role that fits your needs. We can work best for you if you are:

  • Looking to improve your customer service to bring it to global standards.
  • In need of a helping hand from live phone receptionist for scheduling appointments.
  • Interested in hiring a full-time live reception service.
  • Interested in hiring part-time live reception service.
  • Looking for help to answer only after-hour calls or peak hour calls.

No matter what your need is, if it is something about answering calls, you can find no better virtual phone answering service than OmniCall.

At OmniCall, the remote answering service is designed to replace your in-house phone receptionist for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist.

Why is OmniCall Reception Service Better than an in-house receptionist?

Virtual phone answering service is better than in-house receptionist for many reasons. With OmniCall, you only have to pay for the minutes on the call, not for the idle time. With an affordable remote answering service, you can save a lot of time. Our receptionists can screen callers to filter out only important calls, transfer calls to only relevant departments/staff, collect information, schedule appointments, and answer multiple calls at the same time.

What OmniCall Phone Receptionist Means for your Business?

  • A cost effective alternative to expensive in-house phone receptionist.
  • On-phone 24/7 availability for callers.
  • No more delay in answering calls during peak hours.
  • Ability to screen and filter important calls.
  • No more missed calls on public holidays, weekends or even during a natural calamity.

How OmniCall Virtual Phone Answering Works?

It is simple. We take all calls as representative of your business. When we work with clients, we adapt to the role as part of the client’s business.

  1. We greet callers with a personalized welcome phrase that represents the client we are working with. For example, “Thank you for calling #CompanyName. How may I help you?.
  2. We screen callers and take down information, transfer the relevant calls, schedule appointments, and even handle the call on our own during peak hours.
  3. We connect callers to relevant department or person in your business based on the callers need. If you are busy, we can take down messages and can text it to the relevant person immediately.

Simple but effective, isn’t it? If you want to learn more how we can help you in your business growth, feel free to contact us at any time of the day, we are always live and available.