If you haven’t purchased your candy, eggs, and carrot cake, you best hop to it – Easter’s coming up quick! One thing you won’t have to fret over during the holiday rush is whether or not you’ll miss any calls while you’re out of the office. Our OmniCall Receptionists are here 24/7, especially holidays. Here’s a few ways we can handle your business while you’re away.


Replace Your Voicemail

I know we say it often but no one wants to reach a voicemail when they call your business. Forward to OmniCall when you leave, and your customers will always reach a live, friendly receptionist who will politely let them know you’re away for the holiday and will return their call when you’re back in town.


Keep You Informed

There are endless ways we can notify you of your calls. We can shoot you a text message or an email. We can call you and deliver the message. We can even send you a daily email summary of all of your messages from the day before, so you never miss a beat.


Connect Your Callers

Because our OmniCall Receptionist Service is 100% customized, you can set up exactly when you’d like for us to connect callers to you. For example, if someone calls about pricing information or setting up an account with you, we’ll give you a ring so you can make sure to close the sale.


The holidays are stressful enough – allow our OmniCall Receptionists to take a load off, Fanny. We’ll keep your calls handled just as if you never left the office. For more information on how we can assist your business, contact us today.