Communicating with clients is an essential part of the attorney-client relationship. Falling short of the professional standard can result in disciplinary sanctions. Don’t let missed client calls drop the gavel on your career. Free up more billable hours when you let OmniCall’s team of professional live receptionists manage your calls.

Avoid Sanctions with OmniCall’s Answering Service For Attorneys


As a lawyer, it is your ethical and professional duty to provide zealous, diligent and reasonably prompt representation to each and every client. An important, and often overlooked, facet of the Bar’s professional standard of representation is attorney-client communications. This includes keeping clients reasonably informed and current about their case status, addressing their inquiries and returning their phone calls.

With all your hours spent tied up in court, meeting with existing and prospective clients, researching case law and writing opening and closing arguments, being your own secretary probably ranks low – if at all – on your list of priorities.

As your practice grows, your call volume will inevitably increase. Sudden increases in call volume for professionals whose time is budgeted down to the minute quickly become unmanageable. Calls go unanswered; Messages go unreturned.

In most cases, an inadequate call management process may cripple an individual/company, but it wouldn’t be potentially career-ending. However, an attorney who routinely misses calls or fails to return messages risks much more than just a few lost clients – he risks his entire career.

A lawyer’s failure to communicate with clients in a timely, effective manner is more than a bad business practice – it’s a violation of Rule 1.4 of the ABA’s Rules of Professional Conduct.

Violations of this nature can, and often do, result in sanctions. With a wide range of disciplinary measures for an infraction, attorneys who fail to communicate with clients can face punishments from informal admonitions to months of suspension.

Sounds like it may be time for a live call answering service. The receptionists at OmniCall understand how limited your time really is. We can help you recover time wasted. With our professionals fielding your incoming calls, the impact on your client intake process could be profound.

OmniCall’s answering service for attorneys will not only free up some of your time by streamlining your incoming call system–eliminating your need for an in-house receptionist could potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars a year!

Get More, Pay Less

When you sign up for OmniCall’s answering service for attorneys, you’ll be delighted at how much further your hard-earned dollar goes.

The average annual salary for a legal secretary with only two years of prior experience is $39,000; add one to three more years of professional experience to that, and you can expect to shell out between $50,250 and $62,000 a year.

An in-house receptionist, working a 40-hour week, could cost you anywhere from $3250 to over $5000 each month.

Why pay more money for fewer services when we can offer you so much more for a fraction of the price?


24/7 Call Answering

Team of Professionals

Expertly trained

Service-Based Fee Scale

No Sick Days = No Missed Calls

Guaranteed Message Delivery


Limited Call Answering - 40/wk.

One Person

May Require Training

Expectation of PTO, Benefits

Sick Days = Missed Calls

Messages Lost/Misplaced

Stop losing sleep over missed calls and potential lost business. We represent you, so you can keep representing them.