It’s more common than you realize; preparing yourself before you place a phone call to a business. We find ourselves worried about reaching an auto-attendant or worse, a voicemail that will never be heard. So, why do we still put our customers through this automation? Because of these 3 myths floating around regarding hiring real, live support.


There’s Value in Reaching a Live Person

According to research, customers are leaving companies with no live support to assist them. Most importantly, 61% still prefer support over the phone with a live person. It’s abundantly clear your customers want to reach you via the phone, but how will you provide such expensive support? Because it’s actually not expensive at all! Let’s dig into these myths about hiring human support.


“Hiring a full time receptionist is expensive.”

Actually, this is true. It is expensive to pay someone full time to sit and answer the phones. The good news is you don’t have to with a Live Receptionist Service such as OmniCall! We have an entire team of professional live receptionists for a fraction of the cost.


“Nobody calls after business hours.”

FALSE. You may think so because you’re not technically receiving voicemails, but that doesn’t mean they’re not calling; they’re most likely calling and hanging up when they don’t reach a live person. Forwarding your phones to an after-hours answering service instantly increases your customer service quality, plus you NEVER miss a call or potential customer ever again.


“They can contact us via email or social media.”

True, but who’s going to manage these platforms 24/7? Customers will expect a super quick turnaround, as in minutes. It’ll takes some serious manpower to support issues efficiently this way; phone support is much faster and reliable. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about emailing someone back at 3am. Sleep tight, we’ve got you covered.


It’s time we revisit the glory days before all of this technology made us so impersonal. Stand out among the competition and offer outstanding phone support for your clients. You won’t regret it. To learn more about our OmniCall Receptionist Services, visit our website.