They say that the work is so bad that they pay you for doing it. But for others, it is an adventure with which they earn their living. And this can be applied to all those entrepreneurs who have decided to start a business to which they spend most of their time. Only time, like life, are scarce goods. So you have to think about the best way to take advantage of them and enjoy them.


Start your day early

Taking advantage of time consists of knowing how to organize yourself in such a way that things are done more efficiently. Just think of the geometric calculations that we have to make each time we take the car to go on vacation with the family, and we must make all those suitcases fit in the trunk. If each member opted to introduce their belongings on their own, it is possible that we ended up taking the train or a bus to transport the luggage without problems. But with an adequate distribution of sizes, shapes, and space, we find the key that allows us to introduce all kinds of bales as a starting point for Tetris. And if something is missing, you can always place it under passenger seats.


Create your To-Do lists

Something similar happens at work. We have a space called working hours in which to introduce the relevant tasks of the day and that are completed correctly. That is, enter only that the spatial concept is alien to the time. Space will be the same today and tomorrow, but the work has a future projection, so we can not determine when a series of unforeseen events will happen. Like, for example, answering a phone call. We do not know the moment in which it will happen, nor its duration, nor its quantity. Therefore, our schedule will be an estimated order of reality to which will modify to your liking and whim chance. As with the car, everything comes in at the end. Only the interior space that is used with the excess baggage here it is called overtime. And that reduces our free time, forcing again to modify our plans with family, friends or personal.


Avoid the Mess

It is evident that the unpredictability of the future prevents us from predicting what and when these types of interruptions will happen and happen during each day. However, there is a positive part. And we know that they will happen. Therefore, we can anticipate. While several companies distribute these functions among employees – without any criterion -, others choose to delegate them to a specific and trained person to attend to all these eventualities unrelated to the development of the work. Consequence? Efficiency and greater capacity for adjustment to our original planning.


Outsource and delegate

Because delegating is to orient resources so that tasks can be undertaken with cleanliness. In this way, each person will know what their functions are, and they can organize themselves properly the time to do them and stick to their agenda. The entrepreneur who has that organizational capacity will obtain a greater performance of his business since he will be able to satisfy the needs of his clients with greater simplicity than if he tried to cover everything.

Obviously, the first thing that comes to mind is that we need to have a very great staff if we want each task to be developed by a specific person. This is too high an expense for any SME and self-employed worker, as we all know. Therefore, we will have to find a way to take advantage of the resources that we have available and that these guarantee optimal use of time. The solution to the problem of luggage is not to build a bigger trunk but get the best out of the holes we have.


Use technology to track

Currently, all companies have human resources for the performance of their tasks. But they also have technological resources with which to optimize their work. The options that this technology puts within reach of entrepreneurs is so great that many do not take advantage of the full potential they offer. Many peoples in antiquity saw the sea as an obstacle and not as a waterway. Who took advantage of their boats? The ancestral merchants who represented the modern entrepreneur.

The virtual world now puts at our disposal a series of affordable and professional services to make better use of time and performance at work. For example, virtual secretaries provide personalized, professional and educated telephone attention while they are in charge of organizing the work agenda as changes occur in it. And let’s not forget that they also take care of all the management of the life of a company with more effectiveness than we can have. This type of services frees time to the rest of the business so that they can carry out their work more according to their hourly expectations and leaves the managers much more time to be able to run their business.


In conclusion, if we do not want the workload to end overflowing day after day, all we have to do is organize the means and resources that we have so that, doing less, we get more.