Our favorite part about our Live Receptionist Service is not only being able to offer top notch customer service, but also representing our clients in a way that gives them legit entrepreneurial swag. How do we bring about this magic? So glad you asked!


Appear More Professional.

In most cases, callers are not expecting to reach the head honcho immediately when they call. Allow us to give your office a bigger and more professional feel with our virtual receptionists. We'll answer your calls just as if you had a receptionist sitting in office with you but for a fraction of the cost.


Enhance Your Company's Image.

Maybe you work with several different staff members all over the country. Our live receptionist service can unify your company image and sound as if you are all located in one place. Your callers will never know the difference!


Increase Productivity.

Did you know our receptionists can schedule appointments for you and even return calls? Manage your time more wisely by forwarding your phones to us when you need to block off a certain time of the day to get work done.


Decrease Interruptions.

Yes, in the perfect world you'd answer every one of your calls but life happens. Whether you're at lunch with a client, headed into a meeting, or just on a creative roll, we can handle your calls so you can go about your day uninterrupted.


Work Where You Want.

Get those creative juices flowing and get out of the office for a while. Our OmniCall receptionists can transfer your calls to you no matter where you land. It's a great tool for those workaholics who are devoted even on vacation. Too busy taking a dip in the pool to answer? No problem! We'll shoot you a text with the message so you can call back at your own convenience.
Interested in trying our Live Receptionist Service? Contact us today!