Many healthcare providers and medical professionals are overworked as it is. They are often working up to 80 hours a week according to a study by AMA Insurance. It’s no wonder they have so much on their hands to deal with. There are usually lots of incoming calls which makes matters more complicated. With the work week being as it is for medical professionals, they are bound to miss lots of incoming calls. We understand your plight and have a solution to help you.

Check out these main reasons why medical professionals should consider using OmniCall Receptionists to lower their stress levels.

Consistent Professionalism with Every Call

It’s hard for stressed out healthcare providers to make a great first impression every time or consistently answer calls. It won’t make your practice look good if patients and other callers hear others in pain or babies crying in the background. Our live virtual receptionists are trained to take calls professionally and understand the most important industry jargon.

More Time to Take Care of Your Patients

Taking incoming calls isn’t easy for everyone. It’s especially time-consuming if you haven’t done much of this work before. Incoming calls take away time you could be spending finding the right treatment for your patient and saving lives. OmniCall allows you to get the freedom you need to run your medical practice the way you want while keeping your callers informed.

Complete Your Work Without Constant Interruptions

No more having to keep track of where your smartphone is while you’re finding important medical documents to give to your patients. Our friendly virtual receptionists will answer the calls for you and let them know you’re taking care of business. It’s one of the perks of having us act as your in-house receptionist.

Receive Thorough Information About Patients

We’ve trained our virtual receptionists to ask your patients for several bits of important information including:

  • Date of birth
  • Current doctor
  • Medical issue synopsis
  • Name
  • Address
  • Contacts

Attention to detail is our bread and butter, and we care about as much about the patients as you do. You can relax knowing we’ve got everything covered for you.

Learn More About Our Live Call Answering Service for Medical Professionals

Why answer all those calls yourself when you have a formidable partner in OmniCall Receptionist? You’ve seen how much stress we can reduce for you and your on-site medical staff. We encourage you to learn more about our virtual receptionist services for medical professionals. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and what we can do for you!