If you are running sales or any other type of business, answering more calls mean more business. The equation is pretty simple and well known in the sales industry. The ability to increase the percentage of your answered calls to 100% or close to it plays a significant role in growth and expansion of any business.

But the important question is – how do you make sure that your business infrastructure is capable of answering 100% of your calls?

Is it through an answering machine? No, not a good idea and you will probably miss more than half of your calls and ultimately lose business.

Is it through an automated response system? No, again a good number of your potential customers will drop the phone as soon as the system says “To talk to our support, press 1”. Believe it or not, as much as we all are fond of technology,  when it comes to making calls we all want a human voice at the other end of the line.

Is it by keeping your phone at your side 24/7? Well, this is not a healthy option for sure and can have a negative effect on your social life.

Is it by starting a call center? Well, for this you probably have to invest more than what you invested when you started your business.

So what is it? How do you make sure to answer each and every business call? Well, the ultimate and the most cost-effective solution is a “Live Answering Service”.

What is a Live Answering Service?

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A live answering service is an entirely different option for businesses than two other traditional options: answering machine and automated response system. By using the live answering services, the business makes sure that every call is answered by a human immediately. On top of that, the service is available for a fraction of a cost than hiring a full-time in-house receptionist.

This makes it possible for businesses to answer every call, even on the weekends and out of service hours. The live receptionist service offered by OmniCall allows businesses to free their time to concentrate on more productive work.

Why Does It Make a Difference?

According to research, phone calls are ranked as the number one distraction for office staff followed by informal meetings.

By outsourcing to the third party live answering services such as OmniCall, you can make sure that your staff concentrates only on productive work.

Live Answering Service is key to success

Other than that, there are many more benefits of using a live streaming service.

  • You can answer every call using a live answering service that ultimately results in more sales and growth.
  • It is more affordable than handling calls in-house.
  • You can still answer calls, take messages, and take orders even after business hours.
  • You can get calls or messages transferred to you at a convenient time.
  • Services like OmniCall make sure that each caller is greeted with a welcoming and friendly tone offering a personalized service to each customer.
  • No matter if your company exists virtually or operates from a garage at your home, by using a live answering service, you can create an illusion that you are much larger in size.
  • No more headaches of dealing with training, absences and performance monitoring of your call answering team or receptionists.
  • All calls can be screened by trained live receptionist before transfering to an appropriate person.
  • Messages can be delivered to you through email and phone text allowing you to receive important messages on the go.
  • Most Services like OmniCall ensure that every call is answered during peak hours even if there are multiple calls at the same time.

There are a lot more benefits of using a live answering service, which is exactly why many small and medium size businesses are replacing their answering machines with live receptionists.

I Feel Like My Voicemail Works Just Fine…

If your business still depends on voicemail and answering machines, be aware that you are losing customers. The young internet savvy generation wants things done fast. If no one answers their call within seconds, they switch to the next best alternative.

Even when you feel that your voicemail works just fine, there is a great probability that you are losing potential customers.

On top of that, a live answering service can offer personalized service to each caller, voicemail cannot. With businesses adapting to more personalized and high-tech options like a live answering service, the use of answering machines or voicemail looks like an outdated concept to customers, leaving a poor impression.

The voicemail was a good option for businesses once, but to survive the fiercely competitive business world today, a live answering service is nothing less than a necessity.

I don’t Get Calls After Hours, Do I Still Need a Live Answering Service?

a live answering service is mostly used to ensure all calls are answered 24/7 even after business hours, but it doesn’t mean that the service is useless if your receive calls during business hours only.

Irrelevant calls are often the biggest distraction for office staff. Use a live answering service to ensure only the important calls make their way to the actual in-house staff. Simply put, the live third party receptionists from OmniCall can cut the noise and forward only business related calls.

In addition to that, such services are much more affordable than hiring an in-house receptionist for business hours. For example, OmniCall offers businesses to choose from the several packages based on the monthly call duration (minutes). This mean, you don’t have to pay a dime for idle time. You only pay for the time in which the receptionist actually takes the call and talks to the caller.

So no matter if you receive calls during only business hours or 24/7, a live answering service is the best solution.

Get rid of the voicemail today. Get modern, start expanding, and let us handle your calls through our live answering service. For more information, feel free to contact us any time of the day.