The equation is simple: Answer more calls = Gain more business. So, what if you could answer 100% of your incoming calls? You’d be a billionaire, right??? We can’t promise THAT, however we can promise to answer each and every call all day, everyday. How? With our live answering service.

Define “Live Answering Service”.

A live answering service gives businesses a different option than the traditional ones such as a voicemail box or automated phone tree. By using live answering services, you ensure all of your business calls are answered immediately by a friendly human being.

“Does It Make a Difference?”

According to research, phone calls are ranked as the number one distraction for office staff followed by informal meetings. By outsourcing to a third party receptionist service such as OmniCall, you can make sure that your staff concentrates only on productivity.

With a live answering service, you can expect…

  • EVERY call is answered, ultimately resulting in more sales and growth.
  • It’s a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in-house. (We only charge for the minutes we are on the call with your customers.)
  • Even after-hour calls are answered, no matter the time of night.
  • Calls and messages are transferred to you however you’d prefer.
  • No matter if your company exists virtually or operates from a garage at your home, you can create an illusion that you are much larger
  • in size.
  • No more Human Resource headaches of dealing with training, absences and performance monitoring of your receptionist.
  • Messages can be delivered to you via email and/or text allowing you to receive important messages on the go.
  • Each call is answered during peak hours even if there are multiple calls at the same time.

“My voicemail works just fine.”little boy live call answering listening, call receptionist company ears

If your business still depends on voicemail and answering machines, be aware that you are losing customers. This upcoming internet savvy generation wants things done fast; if their call goes unanswered, they switch to the next best alternative.

With our receptionists on the line, every caller receives something that voicemail can never provide: a living, breathing person! Given the growing number of businesses moving to more high-tech or personalized options, your customers may find your use of voicemail or phone trees to be outdated, creating a potentially poor impression that could cost you their business.

Voicemail was a great solution for businesses at one time, but to survive the fiercely competitive business world today, a live receptionist service is nothing less than a necessity.

“I don’t get calls after hours. Do I still need a live answering service?”

If you’re a nationwide business, sometimes the time zones can be a leading factor to after-hour calls that you may never notice. Take it from client John Jackson of John B. Jackson and Associates “Within the first month of signing on with OmniCall, I received two calls after-hours that I would have otherwise missed. They ended up totaling over $40,000 in revenue. I can’t afford to be without OmniCall.”

Irrelevant/Solicitor calls are often the biggest distraction for office staff. Using a live answering service to ensure only the important calls make their way to the actual in-house staff can help tremendously.

Get modern, start expanding, and let us handle your calls!

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