Times are changing and the way of working too. Currently, the Digital Age and Work 3.0 in which we find offers many advantages, such as mobility and speed, among the most prominent, so that the fact of moving every day to an office to work begins to be obsolete. If you still do not have any employees at a distance and you are thinking of hiring a secretary for your business, it is important that you take a few minutes to consider if a virtual secretary would not be the best for your company. Here we leave you with a list of things to keep in mind when hiring your telesecretary.



Maybe you just need someone to answer your calls, make appointments or organize visits. You may also need your secretary to actively call clients and conduct surveys by phone or send emails to clients and suppliers, as well as organize the times of visits to your company. Think for a moment what your needs are to cover because maybe you do not need the presence of a conventional secretary and it will be much cheaper to hire a virtual secretary.



According to the Adecco survey on Happiness at Work, employees rate 8.22 points out of 10 having a good salary and 8 out of 10 surveyed believe that the possibility of teleworking would give them higher rates of job happiness. However, you must be realistic and know the numbers of your business. How much income do I have? It is a question that you should not let go, and you should know how much you can afford to invest in a telesecretary taking into account that it is better not to pay the minimum. If your employees are happy with a better salary, they will try harder and provide better results, and this will translate into better customer service, a better reputation for your company and better sales!



Linked to the needs of your business and the budget that you have, you must take into account if you need a telesecretary full-time, part-time or just enough with a few hours. This depends a lot on the type of work and business you have. It is not the same to be a doctor, lawyer or private investigator, to give some examples, and to have to be available 24 hours a day, to have a service business that follows a normal schedule of customer service from 9 to 5.


Once you have these three things clear, you can proceed to look for an online secretary. But where? Well online, obviously! There are several websites where you can find secretaries or virtual assistants. A simple Google search can take you to several pages that offer telesecretary services. It is a matter of looking for and comparing the services offered and the benefit/price ratio. It is important to read comments from clients who have already experienced the services, to get an idea and create expectations. Once you have found the ideal place, you can either get in touch with the company or directly with the freelance secretary that offers its services and ask about its availability.



Do not skip this step. It is important to have clear several important issues before hiring someone. Ask about your:
  • Availability
  • Customer service training
  • Experience
  • Price
  • Confidentiality guarantees

Even if the virtual secretary does not have a lot of experience, it starts somewhere! You can even consider a Win-Win situation for both of you: You can give it an opportunity perhaps starting with a lower salary and after a few weeks or months increase it to prove its commitment and effectiveness.

If you do not have time to search, interview and all that involves hiring an online secretary, you can take a look at our different plans on our page.  You tell us your requirements, and we take care of everything.


If you already have a telesecretary, tell us what steps you have followed to hire her, as well as if you have any other suggestions to keep in mind when hiring a virtual secretary. Leave us a comment and share your experience!