Have you ever been in a situation at a law firm answering service where you’ve had to call a business and speak to someone who doesn’t understand you? Not just from the standpoint of language, but they’re just going through the motions, not listening to your concerns or complaints. We’ve all been there and it’s just as frustrating to see bad law firm answering service virtual receptionists do the same thing.

This especially applies to legal professionals who run their own law firms. They need a reliable law firm answering service for lawyers which will help them retain customers & clients. They don’t want to blame their virtual receptionist company for the decline in sales. There are many situations where a bad virtual receptionist can completely strangle your law firm and botching first-time calls. It can be quite a disaster, but that’s why we’re here to help you.

Law Firm Answering Service Differences

You may be wondering how OmniCall differs from the rest of the pack. Don’t worry, we’ll address all those concerns and more and leave you with a greater peace of mind when you explore our law firm answering service packages in detail.

Many of the most common mistakes rookie receptionists at your law firm may be causing you to hemorrhage money is neglecting to prepare before answering a call. One of the biggest signs of a receptionist not doing their job properly is when they fail to use proper phone etiquette when speaking to a client. It may not be a big deal on the surface to occasionally forget to use “Mr.” or “Mrs.” when speaking to someone, but really, these receptionists are supposed to be representing your law firm in a professional light. What does it say about your business when the most basic errors in customer service are overlooked?

What we do differently in this scenario is all our virtual phone receptionists have a solid plan they are to follow every time they interact with one of your clients. While they use a script as guidance for what they say, they also add their own personality and style when speaking to the client. In any case, their utmost goal is to make the client happy and put them at ease. At all times, they hold a friendly demeanor while they speak and never leave the client out in the cold.

When you consider our professional answering service, you know you are going to get lots of value for money, with the bonus of having friendly telephone receptionist make your clients feel welcome every time they call. Feel free to explore all of our services and features by checking out our plans or calling us today for more information.