As a small business owner, Labor Day (and any other holiday for that matter) can sometimes become more chaotic than relaxing.  I mean let’s face it, you can forget taking off for a long weekend without constantly having to field calls from your customers…or can you? We have the answer to being available for your clients while still enjoying every holiday of the year.


Live, Virtual Receptionists

More and more business owners are making the switch to hiring Virtual Receptionist Services because of their many benefits, especially during the holidays. What are these benefits you may ask? Let’s dive into them!

Forward When You Need Us

The best part about a Virtual Receptionist Service is the flexibility it offers. Simply forward your phones whenever you are unable to answer. For example, you can forward your lines the second you reach your Labor Day vacation spot, and unforward as soon as you hit your office chair on Tuesday… and you’ll never have to worry about missing calls the entire time you’re away.


Special Contacting for the Holidays

Another great feature is the custom contacting methods for your staff. You can set up each staff member completely different than the next, and it can even change for the holidays. So, if John is usually on-call for Pricing Calls but this weekend it needs to be changed to Sam, it’s no problem! We’ll set it up and it’ll automatically revert back to normal when you return.


Fraction of the Cost

Did we mention how much you’ll save compared to hiring a full-time employee to be on-call? We’re here 24/7, including every holiday of the year. The average salary for a full time receptionist is around $30,000/year – Our OmniCall Receptionist Service averages $300/month. That’s a savings of over $26,000 a year!


It’s important to take the time to step away from the stress of work and enjoy a holiday weekend. We encourage you to explore the many benefits of our OmniCall Receptionist Service and how we can best assist your business. Visit our Website to receive a Pricing Quote today.