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Virtual Receptionist Services for Pet Photographers

You have a job many would enjoy doing if they had the opportunity. Photography is a great way to make money while doing what you love most. Now combine your passion for photography with a deep interest in pets and animals, and now your days are filled with more excitement. The only problem is when you get so good, now everyone can’t get enough of you, and your phones are flooded with incoming calls? What can you do about the situation? At OmniCall, we give you time-saving tools to keep up, even when you’re on vacation!

You’ll Never Be Overwhelmed By Your Phone Ringing Again with OmniCall!

There are many reasons why pet photography has become a popular niche in the photography industry. It combines two appealing things people find adorable and can be a lucrative and rewarding job to have. It’s what many might call a dream job. But it is not without its challenges. You still need to have a distinctive style and the skills to match just on the photography part alone. Then, you have to be comfortable around various kinds of animals and keep your cool when the situation becomes a little unexpected. After that, you have to take phone calls from potential clients, and it’s not always easy with a busy schedule either. You have appointments and meetings to partake in, and if you’re running a pet photography business on the side, there are other obligations to take care of. There’s not enough time for you to be able to run customer service and keep doing what you love. At some point, you’ll need to get people to answer the phones when you’re not available.

You could go ahead and hire some receptionists, but the expenses here would be way too much for most pet photography businesses. Even for the ones who can afford to pay these in-house receptionists a decent salary, it’s still quite a hassle to make sure everyone’s paid on time and as they should. Why go through all that stress and still not have time to do what you love most? That’s why we’re here. OmniCall Receptionist is a virtual receptionist company with over three decades of experience changing the way receptionists approach representing businesses in need. For pet photographers, we want to let your expertise and qualifications shine. With our virtual receptionist services, there’s no doubt you will get the right message across to potential clients and keep the ones you fought so hard to get on your side. See why OmniCall Receptionist is your pet photography answering service you can rely on.

How to Become a Successful Pet Photographer

It’s a dream come true when you’re able to quit your day job to become a full-time pet photographer. Whether you’re running a business of your own or working in a team, working as a pet photographer presents many fun challenges. On the job, you get to hone your craft and become better at:


Handling Clients in Person

A lot of the magic in being a good pet photographer comes when you meet with a client in person. Not just via email or speaking to them on the phone, although having excellent customer service skills on that front help you even more. Your interpersonal skills will also get a nice boost from all the practice you get here.


Working with Animals

Part of the reason you likely want to succeed in pet photography is so you can have a lot more opportunities to meet different animals up close and work with them. Sometimes, you’ll work with dogs, and other times, you could be taking pictures of cats, hamsters, or even pet rats if you choose. There are so many niches within pet photography you could do well in with the right passion, skills, and talent.


Being Patient

Building a profitable pet photography business takes time, persistence, and patience. Not all your months are going to be so busy, but when the time comes, you’ll be so busy it will be hard to take on new clients for a while until you get a qualified virtual receptionist company to come to the rescue, hopefully us! Wink, wink.



Every animal is different. Handling a dog is much different from working with cats. It’s best to specialize in the animal you love most and developing consistent techniques to produce the best outcomes for both yourself and the animals you’re working with to take that special photo.

Now to become a successful pet photographer, you need to understand what makes a photo appealing in the first place. Brush up on your fundamentals first and keep practicing and building on what you already know. Develop a deep passion for animals if you don’t already have that down yet. Practice the tools of the trade until you know all the most essential keyboard shortcuts in programs like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. Take your time and don’t be afraid to fail a few times in your endeavors. As long as you learn from your mistakes and keep striving for excellence, it will be difficult not to become a highly sought after pet photographer.

Is It That Bad When Phone Calls Are Missed?

Missing one or two calls on the phone might not be that significant on the surface, but pet photography is an industry where you can’t afford to turn off potential clients this way. People want to feel like the companies they engage with actually care about them. What kind of message does it send when your customers are sent to voicemail instead of talking with a real person. To put things into greater perspective, know that a whopping 60% of callers who are sent to voicemail rarely call back. This could mean you already lost hundreds of dollars in revenue. What’s worse is these angry customers can go to your Yelp or Google My Business pages online and leave bad reviews and then tell their friends about what happened. In a time where word-of-mouth and social media are so crucial to the survival of businesses, you can’t take missing any phone calls from clients lightly. Our virtual receptionist services solve this problem and bring out the best qualities of your pet photography business while giving each message a gentle, friendly style.

OmniCall’s Virtual Receptionist Answering Service Benefits

Get much more control than ever with regards to your incoming calls with OmniCall. OmniCall helps you do much more with your pet behavioral consulting firm while offering numerous benefits. Our virtual receptionists are the absolute best when it comes to the following:

Treat Every Client with Respect and Understanding

We treat every client with understanding and respect regarding their situation. Our virtual receptionists have the skills and training to help clients feel reassured they’ll be speaking to someone qualified and well-equipped to help them soon.

Ask Important Questions

We make sure our virtual receptionists answer calls promptly and ask people for the information which matters most to you. It’s important to get all this information down the first time for more efficient, confidential record keeping and to keep the animal lover happy.

Actively Reduce Hold Times

No one likes to wait an excessive amount of time to get a hold of a real person. With OmniCall, however, we’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and let you know when someone needs urgent help and cut holding times.

Provide Greater Call Answering Flexibility

Since our representatives can perform under pressure, they can step in and manage your phones even during after-hours. Often, the afternoon is where you’ll encounter the highest call volume. Your business shouldn’t be limited to accepting calls from patients only during business hours, and with our flexibility, you can stay on top of meeting their needs anytime.

How Does It All Work for Your Pet Photography Business?

Using our virtual receptionist services for your business is easy! Our team of virtual receptionists can screen calls and give you the most critical information you need to prepare for a successful appointment. Other features of using OmniCall as your answering service of choice include:

Appointment scheduling

Schedule upcoming appointments and have more control and flexibility with our help!

Accept more messages

You’ll never fear not being able to respond to all customer requests again. Our virtual receptionist services let you do more in far less time!

Appointment reminders

People won’t forget when they’ve set up any appointments or meetings. No more phone calls falling through the cracks or added frustration.

Emergency call dispatching

Our virtual receptionists are trained to handle emergency calls and deliver them to you. You create the rules, and our virtual receptionists follow them.

Become the Best Pet Photographer You Can Be with OmniCall

At just $155 a month for our lowest plan, you’ll have so much to offer to your clients when they call you to take gorgeous pictures of their pets. Don’t hesitate to try us out! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason. Thank you for making OmniCall your live call answering partner!