Pet Daycare

Virtual Receptionist Answering Services for Pet Daycare Companies

Running a pet daycare center for dogs and other animals is a rewarding, yet challenging endeavor. Pet owners need you, and you need a formidable virtual receptionist company that’s willing to meet these demands. That’s where OmniCall comes in!

OmniCall Gives You More Flexibility and Control for Your Pet Daycare Company

You’re living out your dream of running your own pet daycare business, and you see the results. So many dog owners are calling in asking for your help. You’re glad to offer your assistance in whatever way you can, but the problem lies in how many of these calls you’re getting throughout the day and even after business hours too. It can be quite a stressful time to be running a pet daycare business, and easy to give up and quit. We don’t want you to throw in the towel and abandon your passion and joy. Here, at OmniCall Receptionist, we have a team of virtual receptionist experts standing by, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To run a successful pet daycare business requires you to make an incredible first impression on your clients. For over 30 years, OmniCall Receptionist has been a leader in revolutionizing the way receptionists do their work. No longer do you have to spend enormous time trying to gather a receptionist team when you can pay a much smaller price to get the outstanding customer service your business needs. You also never have to worry about missing client calls after business hours either. We got that covered and will forward these messages directly to you or whatever department or number you choose. Flexibility, control, and convenience, all at your fingertips, thanks to OmniCall Receptionist!

What Does It Take to Run a Successful Pet Daycare Business?

The pet industry has seen quite a boom in recent years, so it makes sense to want to run a pet daycare business of your own. However, there are plenty of soft and technical skills you need to make it. It’s not just about getting to turn a hobby into a full-time job, although looking after dogs can be quite fun and exciting when you’re not dealing with all the downsides of running the business. Some of the best skills you need to be successful in the pet daycare industry include:


Having the Right Knowledge

Most pet daycare businesses especially focus on looking after various dog breeds. It’s up to you and your team to understand the specific quirks and characteristics of the breeds looked after. It would be best if you also had adequate resources for these pets to get the play and exercise they need.


Listening to Your Customers

Every pet owner has different ideas of how you should look after their pets. In these situations, possessing the right listening and communication skills will prevent many misunderstandings and will make your job much smoother. You will also be able to offer these customers more choices for pet accommodations.


Finding the Best Opportunities

A bit of research always goes a long way. Before establishing your pet daycare business, see if there’s already a need for one in your local area. See if there are any gaps in the market and think about what would make your business different from any existing pet daycare businesses in town.


Be Technologically Inclined

To have a successful pet or dog daycare business, the right technology is also needed. You need a functional website which gets the job done and easily allows people to see what spaces are available at your daycare facility. It’s another way you can make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Running a pet daycare business is something which takes care and skill to execute well. However, you can’t rely on all these skills alone to get the job done. There’s also the matter of what to do when a flood of people call in asking about availability, so having us handle that part will be necessary to keep things in check.

What Happens When Calls Are Missed At Your Pet Daycare Business?

Dozens of concerned pet owners are counting on you to provide the best possible service and care for their dog breeds. When they aren’t able to reach you in time, that causes much concern. Up to 80% of people who call businesses like yours never call back again! To make matters worse, 60% of them will never want to do business with your pet daycare company. With these odds, it’s best to have a reliable team of virtual receptionists by your side who can answer these calls even during your most busy hours. You can have much more time to accept more clients without so much stress for them to worry about.

OmniCall’s Pet Daycare Company Virtual Receptionist Answering Service Benefits

Get much more control than ever with regards to your incoming calls with OmniCall. OmniCall helps you do much more with your pet daycare business while offering numerous benefits. Our virtual receptionists are the absolute best when it comes to the following:

Treat Every Client with Respect and Understanding

We treat every client with understanding and respect regarding their situation. Our virtual receptionists have the skills and training to help clients feel reassured they’ll be speaking to someone qualified and well-equipped to help them soon.

Ask Important Questions

We make sure our virtual receptionists answer calls promptly and ask pet owners for relevant information including the name of the pet, appointment times, and more. It’s important to get all this information down the first time for more efficient, confidential record keeping and to keep the dog owner happy.

Actively Reduce Hold Times

No pet owner likes to wait an excessive amount of time to get a hold of a real person. Your clients want to know about what time they can pick up their prescribed medication and in general, speak with someone who cares about them. With OmniCall, however, we’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and let you know when someone needs urgent help and cut holding times for these clients.

Provide Greater Call Answering Flexibility

Since our representatives can perform under pressure, they can step in and manage your phones even during after-hours. Often, the afternoon is where you’ll encounter the highest call volume. Your practice shouldn’t be limited to accepting calls from patients only during business hours, and with our flexibility, your practice can stay on top of meeting their needs anytime.

How Does It All Work for Pet Daycare Businesses?

Using our virtual receptionist services for dog walkers is easy! Our team of virtual receptionists can screen calls and give you the most critical information you need to prepare for a successful appointment. Other features of using OmniCall for your pet daycare company include:

Accept more messages

A pet daycare answering service allows your practice to accept more messages and therefore help more clients who need urgent care for their animals.

Appointment scheduling

Schedule upcoming appointments and have more control and flexibility with our help!

Appointment reminders

Your clients won’t forget when to bring their dogs with our appointment reminders, meaning a more organized workflow for meeting their needs.

Emergency call dispatching

Our virtual receptionists are trained to handle emergency calls and deliver them to you. You create the rules, and our virtual receptionists follow them.

Let’s Talk If You Want Low-Cost Dog Daycare Virtual Receptionist Services

For dog daycare businesses, we’re offering our virtual receptionist services as low as $155 a month. Each plan we offer comes with exceptional customer service and everything you need to be able to run a more effective business. Plus, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason. Thank you for choosing OmniCall Receptionist!