Live Call Answering for Biotech Firms

We’re helping biotechnology firms keep up with the fast growth in incoming calls, allowing them to focus on developing solutions for agriculture, medicine, and more. See how OmniCall’s low-cost live call answering services can help your biotechnology company grow!

Virtual Receptionist Services for Biotechnology Companies

Biotechnology is a competitive scientific field, and you need all the time you can get to focus on developing game-changing products. Too many missed calls from your partners and potential clients add more stress and worry and distract from performing at your best. That’s why OmniCall Receptionist and our team of virtual receptionists are interested in helping you succeed. With many years of experience supporting businesses like yours, you can feel confident that you’re getting exceptional service and quality. Compared to hiring an in-house team of receptionists to manage phone calls, OmniCall can provide better levels of service at a fraction of the cost, and we’re also here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Downsides to Working in the Biotech Industry

While working in biotechnology has many advantages and opportunities, there are also some downsides which add to the stress many professionals face. Some of the disadvantages include:

  • Having to deal with a growing amount of bureaucracy
  • Constant travel across the country to go to meetings and presentations
  • Anything can go amiss keeping up with extensive rules & regulations
  • Deadlines at biotech firms are incredibly tight

In context, lots of missed incoming calls will make productivity come to a crawl for biotech firms. Lots of time will be wasted, putting more strain on your already stressed staff. Don’t let any of this happen to you! By outsourcing your firm’s phone answering to our team, the reputation of your biotech company will be preserved, and you won’t have ever to miss another phone call again.

What Happens When Phone Calls are Missed at Biotech Firms?

Missing phone calls at biotech firms is a huge deal. For many businesses, up to 80% of customers who call but don’t receive an answer don’t leave a return call. 60% of these same customers are most likely to never call your company again for service. It’s shocking how damaging missing incoming calls can be for the reputation of your biotech firm, but our live call answering services will eliminate these problems and keep your employees happier too while they work to meet deadlines and get things done.

Benefits of Using OmniCall’s Biotech Company Answering Services

With OmniCall, you have greater control over how phone calls made to your biotech company are forwarded and handled. No more missed incoming calls or the risk of your business reputation harmed when you trust our virtual receptionists to help you. With our services, our virtual receptionists will help:

Treat Every Client with Respect and Understanding

We treat every client with understanding and respect regarding their situation. Our virtual receptionists have the skills and training to help clients feel reassured they’ll be speaking to someone qualified and well-equipped to help them soon.

Ask Important Questions

We make sure our virtual receptionists answer calls promptly and notify you of any details regarding the conversation and the client’s information. It’s important to get all this information down the first time for more efficient, confidential record keeping.

Actively Reduce Hold Times

No one likes to wait an excessive amount of time just to get a hold of a real person. Don’t keep your clients and partners waiting any longer. With OmniCall, however, we’re here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide stellar customer service and guidance.

Provide Greater Call Answering Flexibility

Since our representatives can perform under pressure, they can step in and manage your phones even during after-hours. Often, the afternoon is where you’ll encounter the highest call volume. Give your biotechnology company the tools necessary to handle these calls with tact and grace to keep its reputation in good standing.

How Does It All Work?

Using our virtual receptionist services for biotechnology companies is easy! Our team of virtual receptionists can screen calls and capture vital information to forward to the right company department. Other features of using OmniCall for your biotechnology company include:

Accept more messages

A biotechnology answering service allows your practice to accept more messages and therefore help more clients who need urgent care for their animals.

Appointment reminders

Your clients won’t forget about their appointments ever again with our appointment reminder service, which comes with your monthly service plan with us!

Emergency call dispatching

Our virtual receptionists are trained to handle emergency calls and deliver them to you. You create the rules, and our virtual receptionists follow them.

Appointment scheduling

Schedule upcoming client appointments and have more control and flexibility with our help!

Low-Priced Virtual Receptionist Services for Biotechnology Companies

Our virtual receptionist plans for biotechnology firms cost as little as $155 a month. With every plan, our virtual receptionists will provide high-class customer service. If you’re not satisfied for any reason within 30 days, we’ll give your money back no questions asked. Thanks for choosing OmniCall Receptionist!