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Live Call Answering for Tech Support Professionals

It’s important for your tech support department to be able to handle an influx of incoming calls. With OmniCall, you won’t have to worry about missed calls again!

Virtual Receptionist Services from OmniCall Help You Get More Done!

Providing amazing customer service for customers calling your company’s tech support environment is important for maintaining a good reputation. Customers demand immediate live support when they run into technical problems they can’t fix themselves and need someone to talk to ASAP. Tech support professionals can get very busy and therefore not always be able to get to every single customer who calls. There are often where there are missed phone calls during and after business hours.

How can tech support professionals improve customer service and be able to get back to customers quicker? OmniCall Receptionist’s team of virtual receptionist professionals are friendly, charming, and always willing to lend an extra hand. With our help, you’ll have more time to help customers with all their IT concerns.

Responsibilities of a Tech Support Professional

An excellent tech support professional is the point of contact for many customers having problems with their computer hardware and software. As a tech support professional, you must possess several important qualities that make doing business with your customers an easier feat. Several of these qualities are:


You must have lots of self-discipline to succeed as an IT tech support professional. Your self-discipline will be your guide to success as you deal with tight deadlines and showing respect of the customer’s time. A great tech support professional can take on more responsibilities because they have trained themselves to handle larger workloads.

Attention to Detail

When troubleshooting a specific issue for a customer like a problem with a desktop computer booting, tech support professionals must be able to put the pieces together and examine every small detail carefully. Your job is a lot like being a detective, figuring out which clues go together to see the bigger picture of the situation.

Clear Communication

It cannot be said enough how clear crucial communication is for keeping customers content over the phone. A good tech support professional must be able to empathize with the problems their customers face and explain step-by-step instructions in a way where people with no IT background can understand you.

Ability to Learn Quickly

What sets the most exceptional tech support professionals apart from the rest lies in their ability to learn complex technical topics quickly, learning about them from both a macro and micro level. The IT industry is changing all the time and knowledge can become obsolete rapidly. Picking up new information will keep tech support professionals ahead of their competition.

Critical Thinking Skills

Being able to learn quickly is a valuable skill in itself, but being able to apply the information and create new solutions will greatly enhance the professionalism of an IT tech support professional. When there’s a new problem to fix, the IT tech support professional must use their creativity and previous knowledge to provide a satisfying resolution for customers.


Any great tech support professional will be the first one to admit that they don’t know anything. The profession is filled with opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills and sharpen problem solving simultaneously.

Our virtual receptionist also possess many similar qualities which make them invaluable, indispensable assets to take the pressure off your team when dealing with a heavy influx of phone calls from customers looking for IT help.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with OmniCall

We’re able to provide custom live calling solutions for tech support facilities. IT answering services are never a one-size-fits all deal and we work on developing specific solutions that will work with our tech support clients. We also focus on providing callers with a reliable experience and no-nonsense answers to their problems 24/7.

The costs are far less than hiring another employee to accept phone calls in-house. Even after business hours, we’ll be here accepting calls and routing them to the right place. We’ll never leave your customers hanging, and if you want more great reasons to use our virtual tech support phone answering services, have a look for yourself.

Exceptional Tech Support Scheduling Discussions

When your clients need to schedule an appointment with tech support staff, they will speak to virtual receptionists who understand how to use various scheduling tools and programs. With their knowledge of how these tools work, they can score more confirmed appointments for your company. Depending on your hours of operation, we will work within your allotted time to schedule your clients for the days and hours you are available. Once we work out an appropriate time, we will notify you and keep you updated on changes and cancellations from the client.

We Know How to Diffuse Tensions Over the Phone

Tech support staff must talk with customers in a calm, reassuring way. Much of the challenge with acquiring new clients comes from the ability of the customer service representative to calm down an angry customer. They expect answers right away and a real person to talk to right there. Our telephone receptionists keep a cool head and not lose their temper with an upset customer.

Impressive Client Communications with Strong Vocabulary and Grammar

Sometimes it’s hard for human beings to stay put and pay attention to the other person. That’s not a problem with any of our virtual receptionists. All our virtual receptionists have a way of communicating verbally and using strong vocabulary and grammar to give calls the impression of expertise and class. When we speak to your customers, we provide them with respect they deserve and we also never talk down to them.

What Are the Benefits?

We’re glad you asked! At OmniCall, we are all about giving the customer the executive treatment, and our dedication and hard work reflect our approach to making live call answering a pleasurable experience for everyone.

Our Virtual Receptionists Are Easily Trained

If you were to go with an in-house receptionist instead, you’d need to get them up to speed on every important aspect of best tech support practices from branding to appropriate conduct. Our virtual receptionists can learn about your firm quickly and provide the same level of quality service for a fraction of the cost of hiring in house. You’ll have more time and resources to focus on growing your business and keeping clients instead of losing them.

Make an Outstanding First Impression on Prospective Clients

You have a window of time to win a potential client over before they consider other accounting firms instead. Automated voicemail systems will never replace the gentle care of a real person. Our virtual receptionists are skilled in creating an inviting atmosphere for your clients. They’ll instantly feel they’re talking to someone from a credible business who will listen to their concerns and customer inquiries.

Simple Call Forwarding

When customers call your business after hours, their calls are forwarded to our 24/7 virtual receptionist team. They’ll answer phone calls the same way an in-house receptionist would. You get complete control with how often you’d like phone calls to be forwarded to our team. We can handle calls during and after business hours so you’ll never miss another call again.

Fantastic Customer Service

Our virtual receptionist team will learn about your business hours, address, location information, and employee extension numbers. When clients call your business, our virtual receptionists will be prepared to answer any basic question with ease. There’s no need to spend a fortune on a whole in-house team or spend much of your day answering frequently asked questions when you have a qualified virtual receptionist team to help you any time of the day.

Emergency Message Handling

By working with us, you’ll have the opportunity to let us know about your requirements for classifying a call as high priority or an emergency. Our virtual receptionists will know exactly when to request emergency help or immediately reach out to one of your staff with details regarding the call. Top priority calls are handled with utmost care and swiftness.

Quick Appointment Scheduling

When your clients need to schedule a meeting, they will speak to virtual receptionists who understand how to use various scheduling tools and programs. With their knowledge of how these tools work, they can score more confirmed appointments for your company. Depending on your hours of operation, we will work within your allotted time to schedule your clients for the days and hours you are available. Once we work out an appropriate time, we will notify you and keep you updated on changes and cancellations from the client.

Customized Virtual Receptionist Solutions for Tech Support Professionals

Our plans are much more affordable than hiring another tech support expert at your business help desk, and we’d like to get in touch with you about what we can do for you. You can try our services for free before committing to a plan which comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.
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