If you think you have to be stuck in the office or glued to your phone instead of celebrating this great nation of ours, think again! Our OmniCall Receptionists are ready and able to answer your calls all day, everyday…especially during the holidays. Celebrate this year’s Independence Day without a worry, thanks to these benefits of our live, virtual receptionists.


No More Losing Business

Because our Virtual Receptionists are available 24/7, you won’t have to wonder if you’re missing potential clients. We will answer every call while you’re away for the holiday; your callers will never know the difference.


Relay Information

How frustrating is it to reach a voicemail? Allow us to be your liaison between you and your clients. Simply let us know “you’ll call them back on Monday” and we’ll relay the message. They will be much happier hearing from you than an automated recording.


Holiday Scripting and Contacting

Did you know you can change your account’s scripting whenever you want? For holidays, if you’d rather us take messages for every call instead of trying to connect to you, let us know and we’ll make the change! The more you keep us updated, the more we truly sound like YOUR receptionist.


The point is…TAKE OFF! Enjoy the holidays without having to fret over missing calls. We’ve got you covered! After all, isn’t that what Virtual Receptionists are for?


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Virtual Receptionists