A business is going through several phases since its creation. If the project settles and works, it is time to expand, to open new offices or stores so that the benefits are greater. Obviously, this implies more workload, which is why an increase in the workforce is required to be able to face the demand with guarantees. As our business ramifies, we need to maintain central control over our actions, to preserve the essence and way of working we have. If we give independence to the different branches, we will have independent businesses that will not be associated with our brand name.

The right organization in the organization chart allows the company to work with the same brain. Like the human body, all its members and organs are governed by the electrical impulses that flow from the head. Each performs its corresponding function so that the set works appropriately.

The brain itself is, in turn, fragmented into different structures that are responsible for carrying concrete actions of the body. This division of tasks prevents certain functions from being performed by others of different competence. For example, the basal ganglia are responsible for controlling movement, and the Wernicke area specializes in the understanding of the language and area of processing the grammar. This entire complex framework delegates its activities efficiently and precisely.


Discuss the description of the work you want to be done and how

Businesses have to optimize their work system in the same way. There is no doubt that large companies have a major advantage at the beginning of being able to separate the different activities in multiple departments. SMEs or self-employed workers can not develop their organizational brain in the same way. In many cases, they have to play mother, father, son, and uncles in the family. Only these types of changes can be considered when they reach that moment in which their business allows expansion, as we explained at the beginning of this article. But it is this type of organization, precisely, that will enable you to reach the point of growth. Let’s see, then, what solutions we have to integrate this change from the first moment to be able to advance.


Determine the time you need your virtual secretary to work

The company always carries out two activities: one labor and another as a legal entity. The first will depend on the activity that is carried out. The second is common to all. Do not think that a business is like a child; they are really twins. Therefore, if we have the capacity and knowledge to develop our work, we must be aware that part of our time we will have to devote to perform other activities that have nothing to do with our preparation. Remembering the brain, we are asking the motor side to take care of the words.

The most intelligent way to solve this problem is to delegate the care and maintenance of the legal entity to someone specialized in this task. And the best people for it are the secretaries.


Use your network to find a virtual secretary

Hiring a secretary requires several things. The first of all: money. In emerging or little-established businesses, it is a factor that prevents considering new incorporation. Next, there is the element of time. You have to conduct interviews, evaluate the experience and mastery of your position, the new acquisition of equipment, see how it affects your integration to work with the rest of the team, reforms within the office … Throughout this process, we will be leaving the mission in second place principal of our business, neglecting the objective.

Fortunately, new technologies provide the easiest and easiest solution for those who do not have the enormous resources of large companies at their disposal: hiring a virtual secretary.


Set up a test-drive with your new virtual assistant

This new job, the result of the time in which we live, is the most appropriate way to compete in the international market. First, it’s cheap, Second, very effective. The virtual secretaries have extensive experience in the field of management, organization and customer service. They do not require modifications or reforms inside the office. Its training is adapted to the legal needs of all types of companies and does not affect at all the work system we have. It’s more; by freeing employees of extra workloads, they favor the correct performance of the work.

The serious problem of  SMEs and self-employed workers is that they continue to function with the typical difficulties of previous systems. Our advances simplify tasks and actions that previously absorbed more than half of the time that was dedicated to working. Now we have powerful computers, smart mobile phones that allow us to communicate without needing to be inside the office, an information system on the network that speeds up contact and carrying out various activities – taking out a plane ticket, for example. This new electronic brain also allows us now to delegate vital functions for the survival and growth of the company in an easy, comfortable and simple way.


Therefore, at the doors of the new year, it is time to examine and assess the possibilities that we have at hand to make our workflow like sledges on snow. And stop walking on stony paths and full of thorns that we leave exhausted at the end of the day without having achieved more than a lot of wounds on the body. Hiring a virtual secretary is the smartest way to turn our business into an efficient project.