Unfortunately, most companies have difficulty in hiring the right employees. On occasion, it is possible that some of us have made a bad decision about whom to hire. We are all human, and we make mistakes. In any case, what we have to try is to improve the hiring process.

Currently, one of the most used tips in the commercial press is ” hire for the attitude, and form the skills .” We must be able to distinguish those job seekers who simply look for a job, for which it has a real purpose. The reason is simple: those who only look for a job will have achieved their goal once the test month has passed; however, for the rest, having got the job will mean the beginning of a vocational adventure. Workers with a good attitude will quickly become familiar with those areas of work unknown to them. On the other hand, the worker who knows but not the attitude will probably cause more problems to the company and will disappoint them in the long term.



One of the most common problems is the fact that it is not known exactly what kind of employee and what type of person is being sought. Many people meet all the requirements for the position; however, nothing is known about their motivations, the attitude at work, etc. Therefore, what is the key to finding that person who is looking for a “hobby” rather than a job?

According to recent studies conducted by the Gallup Institute, the number of truly motivated employees is between 12% and 16 %. This explains rule number one: you will have to go through many candidates, and one in eight will be the best qualified. However, you should not only look at the qualifications or if he is a good person. Hiring a good candidate is not an easy task, but you will see that after a while, you will be able to discern between two people with the same qualification number. The right choice is a matter of practice. So when you think you do not have enough time to do 20 interviews, think that if you hire the wrong worker, you will waste time in training, and the company will lose money.

Also, you can make your job easier if you follow rule number two: always keep searching for new employees and not just when you need them. Search them wherever you want: at fairs, in professional training, in social networks, etc. Keep the cards of those people whom you found interesting and impressed you in some way. For the next candidates, contact those people instead of spending money on advertising for ads. Sometimes advertising attracts the wrong candidates; basically, those who could not get a job according to their recommendations.



We will show you the best way to reveal the genuine attitude of a candidate. Rule number 3: interview the candidates that seem most interesting to you several times and propose to do several exercises. You can not meet someone with a simple telephone interview and another personal interview. A selection process involving several actions is necessary. Ask the candidates to come to your company and work for a few hours as a test so that they can see their future tasks, and you can evaluate how they behave. Organize a casual meeting for coffee with co-workers and potential candidates. After the meeting, share impressions with your classmates. The more times you meet the candidates, the more comfortable they will feel, and as a result, you will be able to understand them and get to know them better.

Next, we are going to analyze the second problem that causes difficulties to the companies, when hiring the personnel. Do you spend enough time describing the vacancy to the candidates? Normally, the description proposed by the companies is not very attractive. When looking for new candidates, it is usually because the company has a lot of work and needs more staff, or because there are tasks that have to be referred to other professionals (either because they do not know how to perform them or because they do not like doing them). Unfortunately, candidates sometimes notice this discontent and may have the impression that their area of work is not very interesting or important, or that the boss will never delegate full responsibility to other people. All this is an inconvenience when hiring. To begin, you must present the work in a way that impresses the candidate, showing him the possible future benefits of his position and the influence of this in the company. The best thing would be to transmit credibility by explaining what the vacancy is about, as well as expressing that you lack the experience and, of course, the time to do it yourself.


Let’s be honest. Surely at some point, you make a bad decision about the candidate to hire, but do not worry, be honest with yourself and do not close the application process. If not, you could enter the classic period of discontent, which is difficult to break after a certain time. After the nomination period, the trial period begins. In the end, you will notice the weaknesses of the candidate. The probationary period is usually not very long, and with it, the candidate can learn the basics of their job. Also, you do not want to start over with a new selection process. If after two years in the company, you still do not convince, do not be afraid to fire him, because not doing so, could negatively influence the business, as well as his colleagues understand that the search for candidates is a permanent and incomplete task. And remember: when you meet someone who is excited to present your company and the work you do, save your data and do not lose sight of it.