Getting customers is important, but keeping them is even more important. Today we will see what you can do to find customers, how to make a good impression and what will help you more in the future: how to keep them faithful to your company and your services! Let us begin!



Everyone wants to feel heard and be able to express their needs or problems. When a client comes to us we must let him speak and, even if he does not express it clearly or does not use the appropriate terms, identify what his needs are. Remember that not being a professional does not have to know the slang of our profession, so your first job will be to identify your problem or need and offer solutions. For this, you will need to have empathy, intelligence and know how to see beyond simple words.



Apart from being an expert in the field and having the necessary qualifications to be able to offer quality and professionalism, something that can improve the image of your company is to have the help of a secretary. A secretary who simply answers the phone gives the client a better impression and helps your business look more serious and professional. Likewise, if the client has found a problem in our services, we must listen to him without interrupting him and offer solutions, alternatives or even free services to compensate for his bad experience.



How many times have we hesitated to hire someone because he seems only interested in selling? It is a very uncomfortable situation, the fact to pay for a service and leave with the feeling that we have been charged more than necessary for what we have really obtained. This happens because the entrepreneur or his salespeople only think about their profits instead of serving and solving the problems of the clients. If we show interest, we help them, and we advise them to find the best solution they will thank you and they will rehire our services in the future.



There are companies that, because they please their clients, never say ‘no’ because they confuse it with ‘providing an excellent service.’ The problem is that if for some reason they can not deliver the service on time or in the way promised, surely the client will not feel satisfied. It is better, to be honest, and offer less (for example, say that the promised will be ready in 3 hours) and deliver more (finish it in 1 hour if possible or add some additional free service). In this way, the client will leave happy and with the feeling that he has done a good business!



One way to keep and attract customers is to offer quality information totally free! You can do this through a blog like ours, for example. In it, you can show that you are an expert in the field and this will give you credibility. A great idea is also to offer them free ebooks or services for a limited period of time. In return, you will obtain the email addresses that you can use in the future to send them a newsletter or more information about your offers or services through an email marketing strategy.



Most times the fact of getting customers is linked to how we treat our regular customers. If we keep in mind these points that we have seen today, the same clients will come back and recommend us to other people who need our services! In this way, new customers will come to us without having to spend much on advertising and online visibility, although this is also necessary to some extent.


And you? What do you do to get customers and keep them true to your business? Share it in the comments section!