Does anxiety take over when you think about having to answer your own phone at work? Maybe you’re great at analytics, facts, and figures but not so much with people. Would you love to have some relief from phone calls so you can actually focus on your work? If you answered yes to any of these statements above, we have just the solution!

We get it. As a small business owner, it’s hard to turn on the charm right after reprimanding an employee or even just an intense meeting. Trying to take a call after these situations and be nice and pleasant isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Have you ever considered handing your phone over to a company whose sole purpose is to provide stellar customer service and make fantastic first impressions?

If you’re thinking “tell me more, tell me more” – you got it! Here’s a few reasons to consider switching to a team of receptionists such as OmniCall.

remote receptionist service customer delightFull Time, Part Time, or As Needed | The beauty of our OmniCall Receptionist Service is the flexibility it gives you. You can forward your phones to us 24/7 and we can be your full time receptionist, handling ALL of your calls. Or let’s say you only need us after-hours to catch those random but very important calls (Did we mention most purchases happen between the hours of 7pm-11pm?).  And finally there’s the “As Needed” portion of our service which helps tremendously when you need to have a quick staff meeting or grab a bite for lunch without worrying about losing calls. The choice is yours!

Fully Customized Accounts | Your account can be set up to your exact specifications. For example, you can tell us which callers to connect to you immediately, and which to simply take a message and text it to you. If there are certain times of the day when you would like to implement special call handling, we can do that too. Whatever you heart desires, we can make it happen!

Caller ID Recognition | This feature is great for boosting your customer service level with your clients. If you have a business in which your clients call frequently, we can save their caller ID into our system, so our friendly receptionists can answer their call by their first name. “Hi Jane, thank you for calling Smith Law Firm, how can I help you today?”. This pretty much makes it impossible for them to know we’re an outside firm handling your calls – they think we’re sitting right there in the office with you.

These are just a few of the many reasons making the switch to a Receptionist Service such as OmniCall can drastically change your small business. If you’re ever in the market to hire a receptionist, give us a call