Some may think of creativity as something that just comes natural. This may be true, but until you present a creative work environment, how will you ever know if your employees are capable of such innovative thinking? Here are 4 ways to get their creative juices flowing!

Reward Creativity. If you want your employees to get their creative juices flowing, their suggestions have to be taken seriously. Try motivating them with a reward of some type, whether it be of monetary value or just an announcement to the company. Recognition is something all employees strive to accomplish.

Give an Anonymous Route. You’ll always have the outspoken individuals who have no problem voicing their opinion, but others may be too timid to do so. Offering the option of a Suggestion Box gives them an outlet to express their creativity you so desire.

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Positive Atmosphere. You don’t want your employees so stressed or depressed that they only look forward to the end of the day. Have some fun! Studies show that a positive work environment can culture creativity. So throw in a team-building activity or take the staff on a work retreat every now and then to interject some creativity into to workplace.

Divide and Conquer. Setting up teams to work on particular ideas is a great way to improve not only team building but also creativity within the team. Setting up deadlines and rewarding for their work sends the message to the company that you value work-related creativity.

As leaders, we need to lean on our employees for their views and input on our product or service. After all, they do have a different aspect than us completely. This is just not possible without a stress-free, creative work environment in which employees are able to freely express their ideas. When you allow for this creativity to bust through you not only become the best boss ever, but you may receive some feedback you would have never discovered on your own. Win-Win.