Founding an emerging company as a potential entrepreneur is surely not an easy task. A future entrepreneur must overcome some obstacles and, on many occasions, his head is full of ways and possibilities that make him doubt. But this should not happen at all, since if these six simple points are always present, whatever the chaos that dominates around us, the red thread remains in spite of everything. Therefore, if you are a future entrepreneur or you know one or you are thinking about becoming one, then surely these six tips will help you at different times to find the right path again.



When a lot has been seen, and a lot of experience has accumulated, maybe one can afford to be limited and narrow-minded. How advisable that is, is another question. As a strategy for a future entrepreneur, the truth is not advisable at all. First of all, you place yourself with your creation at the very beginning and, as long as you can feel it intimately as a perfect project, it is not helpful in most situations.

Precisely at the beginning should always be kept a trail of open spirit and spontaneity, which should be activated when that perfect project, which was thought safe, simply does not want to leave. Many great ideas fail because of their narrow-mindedness and the idea that things must pass according to the F scheme. A spontaneous crossing with the right path can simultaneously lead to a wonderful oasis with new sensations, thoughts, and strength. It therefore always retains a certain degree of open spirit. This is valid not only for the idea (ideas are processes and may also require an update at certain points) but also for realization.



In the view of the masses on the Internet, it should be assumed that there is nothing more important than the precious cat videos, but on further reflection, one or two things that at least have a similar value are appreciated. The correct connections are definitely among those things. I think we all know that phenomenon, in which one is harmed in a situation despite their capabilities, only because suddenly someone who simply had better connections appears. Therefore, for future entrepreneurs (and also for the common people) the following rule is valid: at the beginning, they are all your potential friends!

Stay open, then, and familiarize yourself with the people in your sector. It is extremely useful when people, who could later help you, know you about other situations and, hopefully, have positive associations with you. That’s why go out and connect! Start with small, more accessible people and slowly open the way. By the way, connections are not achieved in one night. No no. Relationships need time and, precisely for that reason, it is advisable not to leave it for tomorrow and start today with the connections.



Do you hear about it sporadically? Well, unfortunately, many people still do not use their smart side to the extent that they should. In many of us ferment the desire to become an entrepreneur finally and then fail, but not because of money, but because of the lack of ideas. Because ideas must always be innovative, particular and also one hundred percent new, right? Not in any way! If the brainstorm nor surfing the Internet are any help now, so be smart! Not every day you have to reinvent the wheel with a new idea. The wheel is fine, think better about how to optimize the wheel. Briefly: find your idea among the multitude of existing ideas, merge what is simply and create something new with it. Think of the corner!



Rome was not built in a day (and was not destroyed, by the way), so always remember the guts you have and that have motivated you to take the step of becoming an entrepreneur. Nobody has said that the road you are going to follow is simple and that there will not be certain moments when you will want to go to a lonely island. But always think that there has been something that has moved you to try and have the guts to overcome the challenges. No good businessperson became that while on the beach on vacation all day, while his company was being created. Therefore, a good and effective entrepreneur is not done overnight, but whoever always has the necessary guts in mind, will be able to endure and collect at the end the fruits of their work.



I know. But also true one hundred percent. In general, he usually falls into humility and the method of “one little step after another,” and in certain aspects, it may be correct. But not, however, when it comes to the enthusiasm and humility of a future entrepreneur. That’s why you should not be satisfied with the little ideas, but you should ask for the moon and create a vision! I promise you that you will meet many people who will shake their heads behind your back and wonder how many cups of more you have taken, but these are not the people you need either. You have a dream, and you have to imagine it as big and beautiful as possible because later you will reach your limits and beyond to achieve that goal. Further, One starts as a better entrepreneur thinking with less narrowness of vision and in interlocking drawers, than largely and broadly. Right up to the moon.



First of all, we have to say very clearly that to found something you need money. Without a small capital, your company will soon look poor. However, neither should all hopes be placed on the precious money. The truth is that this can be your worst enemy when it comes to developing your creativity. Our creativity is the first thing that goes overboard when we have left the raft decrepit, and we have climbed the luxury yacht. The reality is that money teaches us to be lazy. Why do it myself, if by four bitches I can get someone to do it for me easily? Well, very simple, because you are the heart of your idea and continually depend on your creativity (and that of your team, as the case may be). Foster, therefore, your creativity and consider money as a necessary evil, and not as your only help element. Some phenomenal products have already been produced with very limited financial support.


Let’s hope that the song of being an entrepreneur has not yet been sung from beginning to end for the moment and that, at least one of these tips, has provoked new actions or given a little motivation. In case of doubt, you must always think, first, that there have already been people who had failed before you and, second, that Rome was not built in a day!