For many companies, the introduction of the virtual cloud gave them mobility and freedom as they were able to access their files at any time from anywhere. So, doesn’t it make just as much sense having a virtual receptionist to handle your business calls? There are many benefits to having a virtual receptionist service such as OmniCall; let’s dive into a few.


Your callers never know the difference.

Thanks to modern day technology such as VOIP, our virtual receptionists can be answering your calls from our studio in Georgia but they sound as if they’re sitting in the office with you. You provide detailed information about your services, staff, etc., and our receptionists handle your calls accordingly, essentially becoming an extension of your business.


Never miss another call.

Because our OmniCall Receptionist Services are available 24/7, you literally never miss a phone call that rings in. Think you don’t miss any calls in the middle of the night? You’d be surprised! And your callers are even more surprised when they call and a real human being picks up on the other end to take down their information. It’s a major customer service boost!


Save money.

If you’re a numbers person, hiring a virtual receptionist service is definitely worth researching. Think about it: you’re adding around-the-clock customer service, basically an entire team of receptionists, with zero overhead. No human resource elements to deal with, no office space to give up, and no salaries to pay. With OmniCall, you only pay for the amount of minutes you use each month. It can save you thousands.



Virtual Receptionists offer many perks for your business: a more professional reputation, outstanding customer service, endless availability. But the main benefit our customers are most excited about is the peace of mind our service brings. Our OmniCall Receptionists allow you to spend time focusing on the success of your business, and that is priceless.


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